kd lang-o-liciscious

kd lang marries the Junos


I first became aware of kd lang on the Junos.

She wore a wedding dress and polka’d down the aisle.


I played her first two albums on CJIV, Simon Fraser’s Student Statation until she made it in America and was now top 40 – thus no longer permitted under the broadcasting rules of the Canada Television and Radio Commission “CRTC” on college stations.


I was a shock to learn that alternative was only until it became popular. not a genre.

Patsy vs kd


kd lang’s infamous PETA ad – set her at odds against the Nashville establishment as much as her cut off cowboyboots gave rise to their castration anxieties.


Higher the hair the closer to god, but while kd sang like Patsy Cline; she LOOKED like ELVIS.




maybe one of the most inspirational kd lang moments was not even technically about her

but she began a cascade that has certainly helped current day western culture grow up


the 80s were for queers, as the 50s were for hets

a public celebration of sexuality through musical expression

other kd career highlights!




kd lang now!




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