Reflections upon Reflections

My sister is in the planning stages of her dream vacation.

I had my dream vacation in 1987. My Aunt won a trip for 2 to see Graceland.

My last vacation was in August 2011 and it was certainly a hallmark turning point in my life.

The things I learned.

1. To choose to breath.

2. Personal Accountability is impossible in a litigation driven society.

3. That the main things that differ between Americans and Canadians is primarily a sense of entitlement but mostly, the difference in awareness of one’s place on the global stage, rather than just one’s local community.

4. When I posted my fave photos in the photography section of the Zoetrope site, I inspired someone else to try to take their dream vacation, which was Alaska.

Deeper and life impacting lessons

5. I had read an article around 2007 cautioning retired Japanese couples to not take a cruise, and I realized that I was sitting across the table from the wrong person. I got gay divorced in 2012.

6. That this is the end of a civilization cycle and 9/11 was the shift, China is the most realistic next mega superpower, being the world’s factory was only about positioning, It is the longest continuous empire that the world has ever seen. We will need a word above superpower since the US and Russia won’t give up that illusion easily.

7. There is probably only about 15 or fewer years until climate refugees make borders no longer relevant and the population will devolve into chaos as the network of government internationally and internally collapse.

After all – America has done no better with Katrina that other nations do with their internal refugees

there are not enough glaciers and there are too many humans and humans are the only species that can interfere with the natural processes

all other species behave within limitations

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