True confessions of a Satanist?

Craiglist Satanic killer confession


I am not exactly following this story, more following where it goes.

As soon as I saw the headling, I knew statistically, she was the sweetheart sidekick to a man.

Solo female serials killers rarely kill strangers, it’s generally their own children, a series of rich male spouses or they work in areas where they are caretakers.

Women killers tend to not have fantasies they are acting out. Which is the only way to escape a male serial killer – disrupt their fantasy and make yourself human to them.

The satanic aspect makes this interesting as well, given the various Satan panic child abuse claims, none of which have ever been confirmed.


I remember a therapist in Vancouver who claims that 90% of Canadian children are Satanically abused.

yeah. 90%… if that was the case, then the majority of Canadian would have to be Satanists, in which case, no reason to hide. that would be the standard of the community.


That “if you can’t be famous, be infamous” mentality cannot be understated in sensation seekers.


female serial killers peter vronsky


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