Congratulations India for eradicating polio

today's polio vaccine is in the form of oral drops

today’s polio vaccine is in the form of oral drops

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I remember reading an article a few years back by David Suzuki explaining that the reason why cancer is such a huge killer of people is because we’ve pretty much eliminated all the contagious diseases that used to mass kill people before they got old enough to get cancer.

The reality is that 85% of cancers are environmental, not genetic related.

Just living in an industrialized nation increases one’s risk for cancer.

In any event, Polio is something that impacted a lot of families – including mine.

But focused research leads to cures and management treatments.

And Elvis was a very public figure and he used that celebrity to support a lot of causes, Including the March of Dimes

polio_elvis 1955_polio_poster_girl 1956_october_28_polio_shot_4 1956_october_28_polio_shot_9

Elvis got the vaccine via needle.

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