Elvisverse: Aloha World

on this day in 1973

Elvis Aloha from Hawaii

there had been 1 earlier satellite entertainment variety show from Great Britian, which The Beatles were part of

but this was different

a one man show

of the one man

everyone wanted to see

America never had such an excellent ambassador

even in the last few years, I was meeting people online who learned English just to understand the lyrics of his songs

I enjoyed explaining a lot of cultural idioms and cultural references

mostly it was amazing to learn that the Japan film crew had different angles and this footage not seen outside japan’s broadcast until the tech became common

Elvis the first and last entertainer that the whole world could agree on

before him

no one had heard of being a rock start


everyone wants to be one

yioutube bonus – the sept 72 press conference to announce the show

it’s astonishing to see how incoherent and rambling he was, compared to how sharp and quippy he’d been in the 50s

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