Being Born a Woman

as gross as this song it, it disgustingly has a lot of truth to it, eh?

Warrior Marks Alice Walker At Home on he stroll and Good Time Girls Lesbian Nuns and Coming Out Stories Sex in History and Womens Work The concubine's children denise chong

From 20,000 years of women’s work to warrior marks

how women get to participate


all I keep thinking about is Canada’s group of 5 who won the right of women to vote and that resulted in women being declared persons under the law

that there was a time we were not is beyond galling

Emily Murphy was not just a racist, she was a eugenicist too

people with mental health issues. or deemed to have them, were sterilized in Canada in Alberta and British Columbia

Male Domination

when really

what strikes me as mentally ill

is anyone who thinks they are a rational arbiter of other people’s lives

or at all deserves to be in charge of other people

absolute power corrupts absolutely

anyone seeking power is therefore, ethically and morally suspect

I see history and current events

thinking about Canada’s recent striking down of the prostitution laws

and given the 2007 event in Germany where a woman who lost her office job was denied unemployment benefits because the local and legal brothel was hiring

people need to consider all consequences

not just saying eh?

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