A tale of two henges


It turns out that Stonehenge was not alone.

There used to be a Wood henge of the same pattern as part of a larger complex of social and religious activity.


Woodhenge was likely where life affirming ceremonies took place, wood being living with stone not so much.


Stonehenge complex


Silbury Hill is the central location, from which all the others have a sight line to coordinate activities most likely


it’s one of the more interesting ancient mounts, in that it seems to be just that


a mound concealing nothing






I wrote this back in high school, circa 1985 – “reprinted” from the Confessions of a Teenaged Poet blog from my original set of blogs, pre consolidation here


Eavesdropping on Gods

One fine summery day,
Four Gods sat on a fence,
Talking amiably and bragging,
Of their worshipping masses.

A Gold God, gleaming like the Sun,
His eyes perfectly cut diamonds,
His clothes made of wrought gold,
And inlaid with precious jewels

A Silver God gleaming like the moon,
His eyes perfectly cut sapphires
His clothes of woven silver
inlaid with semi-precious jewels

A Cooper God gleaming like lava,
His eyes perfectly cut topazes
His clothes of tempered copper
inlaid with glass and rhinestones

A Wood God not gleaming
His eyes two chunks of rock
His clothes carved on his form
Covered in faded paint.

“Listen here, my good fellows,”
said the Gold God,
“My flock erects large fold churches
Full of riches just for me.”

And he continued his boast,
“They come to church weekly,
Dresses in expensive clothes
The collection plate flows over.”

Now the Silver God spoke up,
“My flock erects silver churches
And thought they’re not as rich,
They are just all for me.”

“The congregation comes to church
Twice weekly to worship me
They dress in fancy clothes,
Collection plates are always full.”

By Now, the Copper God burst,
My flock erects solid copper churches
And worship thrice weekly,
Before my copper statues,”

“They dress in fine clothes,
And gaily sing the hymns,”
Quieter he admitted,
“Collection plates almost full.”

The Wood God spoke quietly,
“My friends, I’ve listen to you,
Talking of rich churches and people,
And number os service per week.”

“My friends, I feel sad for you;
My flock builds wooden churches
Poor darling shabby buildings,
With a love born of care.”

“My flock comes to church
for an hour or two daily,
They do not dress finely,
For they can not afford to.”

“The collection plates stay empty,
For food is more important than
Fancy churches or high class preachers,
I was born of need, not want.”

The three Gods hung their heads,
In shame of their boasting,
And looked with envy on the
Splintering weather beaten Wood God.

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