Of Myths and Legends


or, as Billie Jean would say

Elvis Mythology

fair is fair


at least

mine was a documented real person, eh?

Elvis is King

Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling were the ONLY members of the memphis mafia that I respected and wanted to meet

I got to at a Elvis convention organized by Red Robinson in cloverdale bc a few years ago

Armageddon the musical elvis cover

When I tried to talk to them about this book and Elvis becoming a future religion

they fucking yelled at me

I stood there in shock while Joe screamed himself hoarse and got Jerry to take over


she’s starting an Elvis religion

well joe and jerry

fuck you

and you know what

I bet Elvis did fuck you both

after all

he could get any woman he wanted

so what fun did that become?

all that crap you memphis hangers on and leeched said he did and you did along with him


people have no idea how they come across in print


when you comparison read, like I do.


there are photos of this event, my sister hasn’t found them

at the time

pictures were the last thing I wanted

of my worst moment in Elvisworld

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