Can you say “Cargo Cult”?

The first real foreign film that I saw was this one:

I stopped going to video stores because I got tired of explaining that the “foreign” section of the store was not the one shelf of European and Quebec movies, but all the genre ones.

The only shelf not foreign was the half one labeled Canada. Which really should include the Quebec movies.

My favorite movie line of all time, of all cinema is from this movie.

“Are the noises in my head bothering you?”

Anyway, these are a 5 disc documentary series about a range of civs that are disappearing along with habitat and because of populations dying out or mainstreaming

Nina and Endangered Civs 5 Nina and Endangered Civs 1 Nina and Endangered Civs 2 Nina and Endangered Civs 3 Nina and Endangered Civs 4

There’s an expression in the film industry.

“hats vs feathers” it’s any story of tech civs vs stone age cultures

learn more about cargo cults

cargo cult 2 cargo cult 1

For the current situation:

Financial Post save us indigenous peoples

Nearly one year ago the Financial Post sounded this wakeup call: “Corporate interests need to accept what the courts already have — that First Nations now hold the balance of power in deciding the fate of Canada’s resource projects because they have rights that others don’t.”

“Many projects worth billions of dollars have been delayed or sunk altogether…The Northern Gateway pipeline could be next unless accommodation is found with opposed First Nations in the B.C. interior and on the coast.”

Canada LAST environmental issues

Harper’s Canada dead last in ranking for environmental protection >

“Canada has fallen behind in a global ranking on international development initiatives and ranks last when it comes to environmental protection.

The Washington-based Center for Global Development assesses 27 wealthy nations annually on their commitment to seven areas that impact the world’s poor. Canada came 13th in this year’s survey, which will be released Monday. Denmark led the list, followed by Sweden and Norway, with Japan and South Korea at the bottom.

Canada dropped from 12th place last year and did far worse in the environmental protection category, where it ranked 27th. Every other country made progress in this area except Canada, the centre said in a report on the rankings.

Canada “has the dubious honor of being the only CDI country with an environment score which has gone down since we first calculated the CDI [in 2003],” the report said. “This reflects rising fossil fuel production and its withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol, the world’s only treaty governing the emissions of heat-trapping gasses. Canada has dropped below the U.S. into bottom place on the environment component.” – Paul Waldie, The Globe and Mail


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