Pip Pip Pip for Pitman!

Moment in time: Nov. 15, 1837, Isaac Pitman publishes his shorthand system — We live in a world peppered with OMGs and LOLs, but contrary to popular opinion the crunching and condensing of proper words is not a new scourge unleashed by the Twitter set. We are a species with a long history of shrinking language to communicate in haste. Back when cursive was still the only game in town and typewriters and voice recorders had yet to be invented, Britain’s Sir Isaac Pitman devised one of the most enduring forms of shorthand in the Western world. His was a system based on phonetics, using symbols as an alphabet of sounds. To the modern eye, it looks like a series of dots, strokes and parentheses, but each scratch has meaning, depending on where it sits and its thickness – a nuance well-suited to fountain pens. A record of 350 words a minute was reportedly set in the 1920s – 10 times as fast as regular handwriting. — Tralee Pearce

Photo: Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

short hand Isaac Piman

Wonder Woman Secretary Superhero

When typewriters were first invented, they were deemed serious machines and were a highly paid and deemed skilled profession for men.

When women could do it better, the salaries and prestige dropped.

Ginger Rogers wore a white collar as a secretary in a movie and they became the white collar girls.

then, even that was taken by the white collar professional men…..

Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to men

seriously, what fucking century was the suffragette movement

and WHY are we still having this discussion?

oh right..


oppressing women since fuckingever

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