Fucked up morning


I can’t remember what I was going to post with this video.


Something about a article I read about a guy who had a problem with his left hand. It curled up so his fingers were digging into his palm. The hand was amputated, but for decades, he continued to feel pain.


Finally, a doctor constructed a box – divided in half with a place to put a hand in each side.

The left hand was a covered top, but the right was glass with a mirror in the centre.


so he could look down at an angle and see his left hand.


he was told to curl up his right hand and then straighten it and release it.


instantly, when he saw the mirror left hand, the pain stopped.


his brain had been so conditioned from the sight of the left hand that his brain didn’t know it had stopped.


I convincing myself that I do not have aura migraines, migrain, stress headaches, cluster headaches and regular headaches anymore


has been a big part of lowering my sound sensitivity


and have attained some measure of sensory data processing separation




anyway, I am upset at having not only been bullied and it taking three attempts for the facebook block to actually kick in – but now, that godbot bully has a toady who is harrassing me on my timeline.


remember me again how religious people are kind or compassionate?

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1 Response to Fucked up morning

  1. dykewriter says:

    2 toadies

    there are now 2 toadies of the godbot bully


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