Letters from a Skeptic, revisited

Letters from a skeptic

First, the father was not a skeptic. He was unchurched and convinced to rejoin by his son, whom he loved and who loved him.

Using words to mean not only imprecise but actually incorrectly is part of why people can no longer talk to anyone they don’t agree with.


I used to think that Apologetics was to apologize to the outside community – sort of a spin doctor/white washing – to say, oh that was then and this is now sort of …..


but from this book, I learned that they are the last line to keep people in


to discover what goes on inside a community you are not part of is astonishing


now, Jenny won that book exchange – because she finished the book that I sent her


and learning about the Bountiful, British Columbia Canada community that deals in illegal trafficking of women with the American Texas and Colorado communities in a vain and doomed attempt to stave off the already in progress gene collapse.


because that’s what happens when 5 men marry 100 women and leave no one for the other 95 men.



to maximize the gene pool, it’s women with multiple men that makes more sense.

but polyandry as a cultural practise is rare and is usually, one woman who marries 2 brothers as the social norm. Not a gene maximizer strategy either.


but the thing about closed communities is that eventually, they are self solving problems


unless, as with the mormons, it’s combined with religion’s fave atheist, Ayn Rand ideals and belief in having a divine destiny.

personality cult leaders never respond well with civil authority


and it’s been astonishing to see America turn under Ronnie Regan from the affable B actor moral majority into a theocracy with the biggest nuke stockpile


the reason America supports Israel is because of the bible prophesies


sadly, with the Japan reactor….


some will say it’s nigh



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