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Nina on Socrates

Socrates professes, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” ummm I gots news for you examined ain’t so fucking happy either there comes a point of too much insight, eh? agoraphobic philosopher

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Where’s My Mind?

Originally posted on Source of Inspiration:
Where do I allow my mind to focus? Do I remember all the kind, smiling people I met or do I keep thinking about the one rude stranger in a store? Do I rehash…

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Nina’s Nonsense – the High School Article

Sardis Secondary School Paper The Falcon Press Masthead The paper cost a quarter and they often made buying it conditional on being able to attend events like lunchtime sock hops. Dances. Boys on one side, girls on the other, until … Continue reading

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I was raised a reader

  so not being able to concentrate to be able to read for pleasure I might as well be this guy

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Pastafarians for Equality!

Free speech is not limited to first speech. your right to swing your arm ends before other people’s noses begin look Phase 2 is underway – the backlash begins! let the market speak!

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Nog’s Holosuite Recovery

Just some final Deep Space Nine thoughts. It was too hard to blog about the Nog in recovery episode, where Starfleet’s First Ferengi is a walking war wounded and withdraws to 1960s Vegas with Vic in the holosuite. A stragetic … Continue reading

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Three Poems About Crying (198x)

Originally posted on Confessions of a teenaged poet:
1. I Cry Electric charges and mental pictures through my brain Cause a tear to form and collect in the corner of my eye The tear streams down my face, followed by…

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