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give us this day August 31 our daily Elvis1957
Elvis performed at the Empire Stadium, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Elvis reported to wardrobe fitting at MGM.

Elvis performed at the Coliseum, Macon, Georgia.

Vancouver DJ Red Robinson with Elvis.

Elvis handcuffed Red to the shower stall and Red almost didn’t get to MC.

When Red MCed The Beatles in Vancouver in 1964, he tried to calm down the audience and John Lennon told him to fuck off the stage.

Red was the first person to MC both Elvis AND The Beatles and at the same venue.

suck on it George Klien.

M~ Red Robinson
Rock bound by Red Robinson
20 year old Red Robinson, the DeeJay for CKWX who had emceed the Bill Haley show and emceed Elvis’ show said, ”That was the first time there was ever a performer in front of 26,000 people in a rented stadium. Sinatra, Crosby, no one ever rented stadiums before him.“  According to records given to Red by the promoter Hugh Pickett shortly before he died, there were 25,898 paid admissions and at ticket prices of $1.50, $2.50 and $3.50, the gross receipts came to $61,099.86 of which Elvis probably earned $21,936.32.2

The toughest audience in the world wide world – around Vancouver BC – The Place that Rock Stars feared to tread for one very good reason

Beause there’s a reason that Vancouver is so hard to win over.

Vancouver BC was the birthplace of stadium rock concerts.

In 1956 – Elvis played in Vancouver’s beloved Empire Stadium

Where every testosterone sports or major community events took place

And Elvis played the very first stadium of his life


And when that stadium was torn down a few years ago within this past decade – after years of public “consulting” – the public protested with signs that read

“You are tearing down Elvis’ stage”

Everyone knows how American Audiences reacted to Elvis and the world

But there is very little in the Elvis literature that you can read

Because I have around 500 books about Elvis – so I know how

Little Canada plays on th eworld stage by the coverage in those books.

But I know what impact Canada had on Elvis and Elvis knew what impact Canada had on Elvis.

It’s why Vancouver is the toughest crowd for any lesser rock star.

This staid small town nation hosted Three Elvis Concerts.

Back east – they made girls sign contracts that they couldn’t go to the show – and those contracts were enforced by suspending or expelling girls from school – and I don’t know what the American response to that is – but in Canada – it’s really unfair to not be allowed to go to school – so those girls did not make the decision lightly – I mean school and a stain on your immortal soul – or go to an orgy-revivial conducted by Elvis……

Hmm, probably wasn’t that difficult a choice – but there’s nothing like – just a tiny bit of worry and guilt – to make an orgy feel even more deliciously decadent.

But Vancouver – they let the kids go – we’re more Seattle – but Lotusland is the name for Vancouver

So to any lesser Rock Star who didn’t like having to work so hard to impress and entertain Vancouver BC Audiences – and to any rock star fans who are thinking – hey, I got to concerts in Vancouver – the crowd goes wild –

Time and memories dim and younger generations do not respect their elders – and so blank out  in their brains that those elders were once young kids – who lived in a far more conservative and reserved time –

And we look back on the 1950’s not as wholesome with a taint of unseemly prosperity – but as black and white – McCarthyism – and think that’s all in the past. But is it not.

from: http://ntrygg.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/i-told-a-call-center-employee-in-georgia-about-canada/

Elvis Empire Stadium Vancouver 5 Elvis Empire Stadium Vancouver 1 Elvis Empire Stadium Vancouver 2 Elvis Empire Stadium Vancouver 3 Elvis Empire Stadium Vancouver 4

in the 1960s Red Robinson phones Col Tom Parker and Parker remembered that province newspaper headline.
Red called during his CFUN radio show and I have the interview on on a lurid pink neon vinyl bootleg…….
I can’t locate that on youtube… something to think about…..
Elvis In Canada
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