and then

Thalidomide victimTony Melendez is shown in an undated file photo at age four while attending a ther..

Anti morning sickness drugs that deformed the rabbits and those clinical trials were suppressed and thalidomide was released to the market while the DES drug resulted in sterility of female offspring.


Big Pharma has done some social and medical good, but a lot of harms.

this is the problem of profits over people as a capitalistic policy with prophets over people as a social engineering policy.


personally, I don’t see a difference between using human cells and cells from other animals.


in fact, it’s probably safer, lab animals and vivisection was one of the vectors for AIDS to jump from monkeys to humans in the first place. lab techs bite by their animals is an exchange of body fluids.


I remember another theory of AIDs entering the human population from the vaccine made from blood from green stick monkeys………… I am not sure if that is the correct phrase, it’s the one from memory

vaccine revelations


Former drug company scientist Helen Ratajczak recently created a firestorm of debate from all sides of the vaccine-autism issue when she published her comprehensive review of autism research. However, her 79-page review contains one detail that could easily go unnoticed—five words that reveal one of the most shocking secrets Big Pharma has ever kept from you.

“…Grown in human fetal tissue.”



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