Blog Update



from time to time, I tweak the site and change the order of the pages as a reflection of my self image

a sort of snap shot that I used to take screen shots of to document on my blog


but I have been doing so much documentation at many levels that I am confused why and for what

so now and then, I apply critical incident management and stop and assess where I am and regroup and allow for cognitive and behavioral changes to emerge from my catatonic stupor.

The problem of doing your own facilitated communication is that people then assume you can in fact, communicate.

Auto pilot and auto response. Repeating the same things to the same questions.

external reflections are needed to show my shine, just a thought, eh?



anyway, this is how I am describing this blog now on facebook


Agoraphobic Philosopher’s Diary of Ponderables and Pacings

Zeitgeist Analytics

Laugh Your Way to Mental Wellness: Comedy Transformations – The Shut In Stand Up To Lezzie Bruce

Agoraphobic Life Coaching with the Raw Recovery Specialist

The Complete LezFlirt Course
levels 101 to 501 – in progress

The Quest of Tears is officially open

special smile photo

and um… I big part of why I am day dreaming is because there is 1 official contender in the quest of tears

and I was making a video about giving yourself permission for self care and well.

I am a lot closer to my genuine smile return than I have been in a long time


so this is my new level of smile,I just wanted to share.



hope overcomes despair

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