The Honest Con Artist

snowman league handbook

Col Tom Parker

snowman league

Col Tom Parker was not his name at birth, but the name he adopted in his new country.

Elvis never knew and certainly, Elvis’ parents would never have signed on with him had they known.

In fact, Parker used Canadian singer Hank Snow to get Elvis signed. Even Snow though he was getting half of Elvis.

Parker, because he had the money client, had power in the industry.

To Parker, Elvis was merely the product and Parker himself was the star.

The Snowman League was his private club and the handbook pages were blank.

Elvis and parker 1

Elvis and parker 2

Parker's Boy

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Certainly there have been con artists, snake oil salesmen and hucksters and all sorts of scam artists and ponzie schemers

but Parker really was the king of the easy deal because he was only into Elvis for what he could get out of Elvis

he didn’t care about Elvis’ music or artistic legacy

just get with the getting was good

He was an exploitation man

what more did we really need to understand?

he probably did have hypnotic machavellian powers over Elvis, Parker was more business and worldly sophisticated.

Elvis chose to live for pleasures because over time, there was no career satisfaction to be gain. And that send him on a spiritual roller coaster that was not publically known.

Today’s Daily Elvis had a note about a meeting between Parker and Elvis about Larry Geller.

This would be around the time Parker made Elvis burn all his spiritual books and limited the access of people to Elvis even more.

Parker Elvis Geller

Elvis and Larry Geller last vacation

Elvis’ last vacation 1977 Hawaii

obviously, Elvis took control sometimes



but Parker sold to any audience who wanted product and he sold all of these


Elvis button Elvis button hate Elvis button like

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