Quest of Tears: Update

I need to get to Iceland for a family reason and the woman who can get me there is the one who gets to kiss the tears off my lips.

Ideally, it would be a honeymoon trip.. but I am looking for real love that’s romantic not looking for romantic movie love and that not being more a reel than real.

So I am starting a second bottle of tears for the woman that I hope to find to marry.

Because I still beleive in love and I have a lot left in me to give.

The Tear Quest

The Tear Quest – Defining the Parameters

Quest of Tears: The Gratitude Power Up

You know, now that I am adding gratitude tears… I think that these tears are for a woman who is more than a trip to Iceland…. unless it’s like a honeymoon trip…

hmmm. hadn’t planned to U-Haul in any event. that would have to be for someone I loved and lost (1) or loved and never had (1).

which is part of the quest. To find a special woman to make me forget all others.

so in the meantime, I have a lot of firsts to look forward to. First sight. First meeting. First contact and in the digital world… well…. now that I have started this, some of my conversations have changed and women I have thought of as friends are declaring themselves as contenders.

lucky that if there is one thing I have, it’s time to think. sort through these unfamiliar positive feelings. safe sane and consensual.


now. the woman that I loved and lost was the second woman that I dated and we agreed to a sweet summer romance and many years, I said good bye to her. The Linda character is based on her.

this is the sequel script to my script, Coffee and is called The Weekender.


I staged 2 productions of this – this is the first one. Dialog changes and a cast change had a much funnier second show a few months later, but that recording is sadly incomplete.


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