look how we’re treating our birthplace

this is where all of us come from

there is more genetic diversity with Africa than the entire rest of the world combined

and there is less than 1% genetic difference between you and any other single person on the planet right now.

I am 45 and in my lifetime, the population of the planet has more than doubled.

that means a lot more mutation are able to be spread through a population

and what we are witnessing is divergent evolution within the homo sapiens

the biggest polluting industry in the world is actually the airline industry

not only by spreading and dumping fuel, but concentrating it along trade winds and at all altitudes

more than that

it ensures that we are all one plane ride away from ebola or something even worse

because that’s what nature does – test the boundaries

there has already been 6 global mass extinctions of life forms

previously through entirely natural causes

space objects hitting the earth

volcanoes and earthquake with the ocean version tsunamis… (man I remember when we still called them Tidal Waves)

and climate change

the earth heats and cools naturally over it’s lifespan

what is unnatural is human activity

and we contribute nuclear wastes as well as greenhouse gas and ozone depletion –

I mean – does anyone remember acid rain?

industrial regulations work and are needed for a reason

there is wisdom in the ancients and I forget the name of who actually was quoted

but we do not own the earth

we do not inherit it from our fore bearers

we borrow it from our descendants

When I was on the cruise ship to Alaska and it really pains me to admit I went on one.

Because I found most of the experience – the sense of entitlement so appalling, it was all I could do to not throw myself overboard. Especially when the orca whale pod was right there

I went because the Skeptic Society had a conference.

During that conference, I realized that I actually had as much professional credibility as anyone on that stage.

and an almost equal level of knowledge as an amateur hobbyist as they had as professionals.

anyway, the story I wanted to share was being in the bar in the evening.

I was talking to a retired weather man and his wife

He was a climate denier.

because weather people are NOT SCIENTISTS.

they do not understand climate. they understand local conditions and manifestations of what climate factors are rolling through the region

They are in fact entertainers more than anything because their accuracy is pretty sub par at that. There is only a small up to 3 day window of probability.

not predictions. it’s not magic or guessing, but simple statistics and probability.


I wasn’t into getting into conflict. I wanted to have a good time.

so I said

“Oh, the earth will last long enough for you, eh?”

“Yup” he beamed as he puffed up.

Then. His wife hit him.

and screamed “We have grandchildren.”

that’s when I smiled.

because he hadn’t realized that while I was looking and interacting with him.

I was talking to her and she had never heard what I had had to say before.


I thought about an article that I read sometime in 2007.

It was couple’s advice from Japan – about don’t retire and go on a cruise

because couples who don’t spend time together over careers and child rearing

learn that they really have nothing in common and end up divorced.

kinda funny the rebounds, eh?





middle east


Seriously, eh?

if this real estate is so special as the birthplace of “peace”

why is everyone so keen on blowing it to pieces?

to make sure any archeological sites are destroyed?

because the ones claimed really have not been confirmed

and the few sites that are, are not as advertised?

like Nazareth was a Roman spa village built in the 3rd century

there’s no evidence for David or Solomon

there were never Jewish slaves in Eygpt

King Herod was a pretty hated and documented king, and he died before the alleged birth

which was never recorded in a Roman census

because the statistical math to do census didn’t exist until King James had it inserted to sell the first government census taking of the population

when you know what we know, and when we learned it

history and the world makes a lot more sense

than when you try to make the world

conform to illogically and internally inconsistent beleif systems

that simply are historically inaccurate

reality has both a science and a liberal bias

because that’s what equalizes people

equitable resource allocation and security – leading to leisure time is the key to social leveling

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