Ghetto to Ghetto

Smoking Elvis


MM gentification



This is the documentary that I worked on in film school.

Vancouver’s housing crisis was not enough rental stock, foreign ownership without occupying lots.


The people who occupied the Francis Street set of houses in East Vancouver were not homeless Canadians.

Most of them were European college kids between semesters just out for a lark.


The problem was the foreign developers where buying blocks of houses to let them get run down so they could go around the re-zoning application by using the cities’ processes about condemning buildings.


It was astonishing the vague claims that these young adults had weapons resulted in over 80 riot police, helicopters and a bulldozer rammed through one house.


the most lethal item found on any of the three houses, was a bunch of carrots.


Police protecting foreign corporate interests and not the citizens.


In Canada.





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