Repairing the social fabric

GOP logic

that is a policy that makes sense

when you realize it’s part of the social class war

when you consider life a dress rehearsal for the afterlife

the quantity and quality are not factors for consideration

coupled with the belief that people have what they deserve

the tolerance for intolerance justified by religion
within a natural xenophobic matrix

lacking education and intellectual rigor
overriding empathy and compassion

if you claim you love everyone

I guess that’s enough and the indifference follows

for anyone who doesn’t tow the party line

trying to conform to something you are not

is the worst kind of purgatory and limbo




Riger Ebert





it’s not hard to apply criminal profiling concepts to companies and corporate behaviours

Corporations need to be held accountable to be better corporate citizens

because they only get to operate as companies because of the tax payer supported infrastructure which secular governments are mandated and have a fiduciary duty to provide in exchange for taxes.

If the government gets to regulate the behaviors of citizens

such as contract laws that include marriage, divorce, inheritance

then they also have to hold corporations to the secular law legal framework and the social contract of mutual benefits

because if there is no mutual benefit

then there is no reason for police and military – branches of government – to protect companies from the citizen barbarians

when you rob the people

you can’t expect the people to just roll over and take it

you do not get to destroy the world for all life on it

for short term gain and decadent opulence

while the vast majority of the world is starving

and the middle is in free fall

we have to stop sit and think

about the real world impact of your choices




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