What is Creativity?

thank you for sharing part of your proccess

always interesting to read about creative processes of other artists

Source of Inspiration


Sorry, I could not get the video to embed. Be sure to follow the link…it is amazing.

Reader’s Comment

How you manage to produce such beautiful works of art each and every day is something I will always admire, and not fully understand how it is possible!

Your Poems are always incredible, thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Pat’s Response

I do not understand how it happens either. Early each morning I sit with a pad and pen and the intention of writing at least six poems so that I can post every four hours. Then, they come. Truly they must be from Source for they come quickly with very little editing needed. I do not even remember them afterwards. The poems come for as long as I am willing to sit and write them. I had 20 one day when I was just trying to…

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