RIP: Rita MacNeil


Rita MacNeil…..

I have some personal associations with her.

When my Uncle Gus died, the last music he had listened to was her first record.

I met her daughter – Rita was doing a concert – her daughter came into the print shop where I worked to get some signs made up for the sales table.


That she died following surgery complications. It always seems to be grosser when celebs die of mundane things.

Like Diana in the car crash. No matter the cause, her not wearing a seatbelt makes a difference to the physics of the crash.


Hospitals are the place where supergerms emerge.

the hours that doctors have to be on call are obscene and need to be shorter,given what is dependent on being able to function.


I don’t know how many times I have been talking to a doctor who can barely keep their eyes open and can’t focus on the conversation.


Doctors and Nurses are the worst for hand washing after using the bathroom too. Doctors who wear ties spread micro flora and fauna from room to room.

instruments and sponges left inside people…..


I dunno…… it’s a scary world out there


better to keep yourself healthy and avoid the whole place….








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