Living Well in the recovery process

I relate to the experience described in this poem

moments of peace and clarity
during mediation

a hamronizing between


Source of Inspiration


If I could give you
a gift, it would be
a moment in time when
you move into the energy
field of the Divine. Words
limit the experience for
it comes as a knowing, as
an awareness that normally
is dulled by this world of chaos.

There is an intense pleasure,
a surrounding and filling
Source of Love. Our mental
abilities soar, our perception
of other realities is focused.
The sense of oneness becomes a
reality, rather than a catchy
phrase. We are, at last,

H aven to the soul
O ptions unlimited
M iracles without ceasing
E nergy of the Divine surrounding

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  1. dykewriter says:


    the stutter aligns with the dyslexia…

    and I stutter when some aspect of the word/concept … or something that connects

    is distressing, upsetting or just feels less than truthful…


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