In 2011, I was surfing the blogosphere when I saw this sentence:

I’ve read 3 different books, and a magazine article the past couple weeks, which has approximately now tripled my list of books read in my entire life!

I had to talk to this blogger because I could not imagine a life without books.

Jenny and I agreed to a book exchange challenge – which I must also state – that she won.

and we exchanged a number of private emails, which meant a lot to me at a time when I really needed a friend.

and the first one I found was a young Christian woman
who was thinking about her life and her faith.

at a time when I was thinking about my life

and I did not expect to see this day

December 31 2012

So thank you Jenny.

for helping to save my life.

some of the good that I do from the time I met you onward

belongs on your karmic balance sheet.

your friend

Nina Tryggvason

A Religious Experiment

“You have talked so much about the love of God, etc. But the God I recall in the Old Testament is anything but this!  Didn’t He wipe out the entire planet with a flood?  Quite a temper He’s got!  And didn’t He order the extermination of the Canaanites-women and children included?  And didn’t He incinerate Sodom and Gomorrah?  This doesn’t seem like your all-loving God.”  -Edward Boyd-

Christians are really good at talking about the merciful, loving, gracious God and ignoring the  characteristics that God seems to posses in the Old Testament.   I have mentioned in prior posts that I  have always avoided the Old Testament.  Whenever I have attempted to read and understand, it ends up frustrating me and I find myself not liking God in those moments.  My simple thought is, “Why did you have to be so mean?”

I am continuing to read the Old Testament and trying to…

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