Enjoy your souvenir stress ball


I got this in a public service week gift bagNina gagged on stress


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Dear Gov Conspiracy Theorists: a Clue

Ottawa joint Press conference:

Reporter: Did you have any indication that this event would happen?

High Rank Cop Guy: If we did, we would have disrupted it.


When public terror events have occurred since 9/11 in the US, there is frequently an emergency preparedness drill going on nearby.

many many people like to point out.


Perhaps this is less a “black flag” indictor and more an indication that they anticipated or had a clue and pre-deployed.




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Rock n Riot: Bill Halley rocking time

Bill Halley and Elvis Presley 1 Bill Halley and Elvis Presley 2

Bill Halley a middle aged country twanger be bopped up his sound and had a runaway hit:


Europeans are used to rioting at entertainment events so when Bill played the first rock concert in Germany a riot happened.


Bill had met the young raw Elvis on the southern country circuitBill meets Elvis


He probably didn’t realize what an impact this young man, still not old enough to sign contracts, would have on Bill’s audience.



It turned out to be Bill who was the one hit wonder.




more known for the theme of the 70’s tv show Happy Days.


well. for the first season anyway.


When Ritchie had an older brother named Chuck and Fonzie was a one off character who stole the show.







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Oct 22/14 – Dear Agoraphobic Diary

Today I made a difference for one person.

I am in British Columbia, but my on-line pal was in lockdown in Ottawa.


I shared the information provided by the news and provided a colour commentary distraction.

Today I made a difference for the first time in more years than I care to think about.

today, I made a difference.


yay me.


being agoraphobic is no longer the social handicap it once was.

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Oh Canada…lockdown

Conservative response to Canada declaring Crusades 2.0 Canada Edition

Conservative response to Canada declaring Crusades 2.0 Canada Edition

Canada is I guess now a grown up nation on the world stage.

A gun man, maybe more than one, has caused a lockdown in Ottawa.


This is not a Canada that I recognize.

I woke up to a power failure because of the storm in the lowermainland and when we got the news about Ottawa

I spent 6 hours in lockdown on 9/12/2001 at the RMCP HQ in Vancouver following a bomb threat

my brain is just …… I feel for the people in Ottawa



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Elvis – Thats the Way It Is vs The Way it Was

I just got the new deluxe 8 cds and 2 dvd box set of That’s the Way it is – it has the original soundtrack album expanded to include the singles with alternative versions, all 6 concerts and a disc of rehearsal highlights. The 2 DVDs included are the original film version and the 2000 re-edit.

Elvis ttwis 1970 Elvis ttwis 2000 Elvis ttwis deluxe 2014 Evis ttwit cd set



The original movie gave us a glimpse of the rehearsals, backstage hijinks and amazing concert footage – intercut with a lot of service people, fans and a significant segment focusing on the British Fan Club.

A fan’s view mostly of the blur and whirlwind that surrounded an Elvis appearance, all in the 70s’s style with multi-angles, zooming in and out with Elvis’ pelvic thrusts and a lot of experiment faddish camera work and editing of the era.


The re-edit removes all that gimmicky flash and the tedious fans and talking heads.

Instead, we see Elvis in rehearsal, backstage and then exploding onstage, the bits of songs heard in rehearsal now full force Elvis and backing groups, band and orchestra.


The lighting was simple, even for the time, but Elvis never needed flash pots or fancy lights.

After all, he was the world’s first atomic powered singer.


It’s great to have a near complete collection – too bad there wasn’t a dvd disc including the “lost performances”

It just shows that there is a never ending way to package and repackage Elvis.


Maybe with this type of release and focus, people will once again see the artist and not the lounge singer.




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Pedo Priests and 12 steps

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

These are the current version of the generic 12 step programs – the original ones were alcohol specific and more honest about the involvement of a god. Now they try to make it less religious, which of course is lying.
The 12 Steps

Step 1 We admitted we were powerless over our addiction – that our lives had become unmanageable
Step 2 Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity
Step 3 Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God
Step 4 Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves
Step 5 Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs
Step 6 Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character
Step 7 Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings

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12 Steps of Religion Anonymous

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

Adapted from the United Assembly for Humanism:

1. Question the way you’ve been taught about religion as children, particularly when it comes to accepting claims as facts.

2. Admit that humans have the capacity to understand the nature of the Universe without the need for superstition.

3. Acknowledge that logic, science, and reason are the only universal sources of truth and understanding.

4. Accept that, based on falsifiable scientific knowledge, there is insufficient evidence to suggest the existence of a god or gods.

5. Think of yourselves not as Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian and so on but as members of the human species.

6. Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves.

7. Admit to ourselves and to other human beings the nature of the wrongs that have been committed and continue to be committed in the name of religion.

8. Make a list of all persons…

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Gamerworld: Sexism and other discrimination

It is ridiculous to pretend that video games do not reflect our world.

It is equally ridiculous to pretend that any particular game or even genre of game is representative of the entire gamer world.


After Pong, a 2 paddle and one pixel ball version of ping pong, there were very few types of games that didn’t have sexualized content.


Certainly in the Atari 2600 and Intellivision days of up to 8 colours! it was hard to have too much lurid content.


But Leisure Suit Larry managed in text and those early games.


Laura Croft put boobs butts and guns into “girls” hands, but it was still mostly boys playing.


The Sims was the game that changed that. The original idea was about creating a home and the sim character was just a measure, but in the testing, the game shifted to a mimick of our world and everyone’s fantasy – to have a career, a social circle and cool stuff and lots to do.

Combined with the ability to import items and especially clothes, The Sims was the first game to have gender parity of registered players and the majority of fan sites were women’s clothes.

Paper Dolls to Digital Dolls.


What was unique in The Sims was that all characters are bisexual and how they turn out depends on how the players interact.


Many straight people were less prepared for bisexual or total queer sims than that the pet hamsters could bite and kill your entire family.

From the first game, hets got married and homos could move in. In version 2, it was married and joined union but this time, with the same wedding graphics.


There was a curious fan forum debate – flame war really – when a fan released a patch that allowed you to complete control your family planning, including having same gender parents passing down digital dna.


that people objected to this entirely optional add on – that they objected that people who wanted it could have it – on the basis of it not being realistic was bizarre


given that at that juncture, the official game product included The Grim Reaper, vampires, ghosts, zombies, magic casting, and a lot of other absurd or fantastical content.


The Fallout Franchise also had from game 1 the possibility of same sex couples and a shot gun wedding when the Daddy finds you with either his son or daughter. Mind you, you could also pimp your spouse in that game.



our entertainment reflects our culture from the best to worst


that’s okay


it’s what we as consumers do to put it in context, how we respond



that people who have done violence have played games or listened to music

doesn’t correlated that these were causes


for the average person, they are more a release valve


for the average geek – this is like comic books


it’s a heighten environment



because for a lot of males these are the closest to their fantasy of women as they will get

another guy geek on line pretending to be a woman


welcome to the core of the internet



honestly, given how inherently queer heterosexuality is


I wonder how anyone can identify as heternormative sexual







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ZAing The 80s

As a teenager in the 80s I felt the fractured decade of rock’s spectrum slide to Metal and Rap on the percussion side and New Wave Romanticism Synthesizers on the other bluring to the German machine music.

In North American charts, there were three albums that really defined the decade.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller – which he foretold his eventual zombism and bragged about all the women he did not have sex with.

Bruce Springsteen’s Blue Collar Anthemic Born in the USA – New Jersey vs New York’s more urban Billy Joel and the Heartland’s John Cougar nee Mellancamp.

Tina Turner’s ode to hookery – Private Dancer.


This decade introduced the new teens: The Valley Girls.


but for me the song that best sums up the either Yuppie Greed is Good explosion – I mean – we though the 70s I’m Okay You’re Okay bump and grind disco was shallow – that meism California mellow decade gave rise to I’m only okay if you are not in the 80s.

Leaving the 90s with Me instead of You grungtastic.


The song that best sums up the 80s – when we got walkmans to create our own sound bubble to not have to cope with the external world.

was this one:




I don’t want a real experience

I want an intense one without consequences


new drugs are usually the problem… looking at you big pharma





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