Thanksgiving or Giving Thanks

(writer, actor on Vancouver Island in BC, Canada)

So, what is “Black Friday” and what does it mean? I know it’s a big sales day in the states, but I’m not familiar with much of what it means…anyone know?

Female Friend of Joanne It’s when the stores books go out of the red and into the black.
  • Nina Tryggvason it’s american for they day business makes enough to be in the budget black
  • 2nd Female Friend of Joanne  totally crazy here. I did it for years. They have rock bottom prices and people would line up for hours to get in the stores. For example a TV would sell for $200 that is normally $500. It has changed the last few years as they started the sales on Thanksgiving rather then the Friday after so not as many crowds like it was.
    That was yesterday – today I saw this meme.

Joanne Kimm oh. apparently budget ink is not the meaning….

No Black Friday for me....
Brace yourself, America, because the following two facts may cause a rift between our two great countries and even the space-time continuum itself: Canada has its…
  • Gil Carvalho Yes, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, not as a harvest festival, but on Oct 12, anniversary of history’s largest genocide.
  • Nina Tryggvason harvest is sooner in Canada
  • Gil Carvalho and the significance of Oct 12?
    Nina Tryggvason isn’t that an american date for an event?Canadian Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October” – not a fixed date at all
    O Canada – Facepalm time
    Canada’s Indian Act was the legislative framework to administrate the concentration camps that we refer to as “reservations”.
    In the 1890s, South Africa sent consultants to Canada and from that meeting, Apartheid in South Africa was born.
    When the attempts at direct genocide failed – warfare through weapons and intentional spread of diseases – the tactic turned to residential schools operated by the major Christian churches to replace the culture and break the generation connection. Culturalcide if you will.
    All institutions run with vulnerable people result in abuse from orphanages to mental institutions, schools for deaf, blind and other disabilities and certainly the Indian Residential Schools.
    The Indian Residential Schools are unique in that they were the only schools with graveyards associated with them.
    As for thanksgiving the story of the food exchange is a pilgrim fantasy that has no play in Canada.

    The National Day of Mourning’s organizers hope to shine a light on modern issues facing Native Americans today, as well as to bring more awareness to the real, horrific story behind Thanksgiving.

    While families all across the US will be indulging over their Thanskgiving Day feasts, hundreds will gather at Cole’s Hill in Plymouth today
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What do you call an inverted extrovert?

I have always been an entertainer.

Nina Tryggvason's photo.

When I was little, I would find groups of people to sing and dance and play for. In high school I placed in speech contests and was a debate team member.

Nina Tryggvason's photo.

I have been involved in a wide range of volunteer groups, project leader.

I have performed in front of audiences as part of a theatrical production, to MC-ing events to being a guest panelist.

Nina Tryggvason's photo.

I have stood toe to toe with people screaming and threatening and being able to give as good as I got.

I have met politicians of all levels, movie and tv celebrities and many thousands of people over my retail, private and public sector career.

threat assessment words


Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.

Newton’s Laws of Motion - applied to Emotion becomes behavioral psychology


Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason added 31 new photos to the album The Individul vs Social Structure.

from individuals to prides, packs, herd, flocks and schools to hives…. individual and collective pyschological needs …… tolerance vs intolerance, individal vs collective… social organization………not all cultures or sub-cultures are equally valid and we have to stop pretending that they are.

The United Nations is a failure of diplomacy and an ineffectual force of stabalization in the world. We need something more. We need Global Equality and fair distribution of resouces. beacuse no one should be going to bed hungry or watching children die in huge numbers because of malnutrition and preventable diseases.

No one should be afraid to go to school or work or out of their home or living without any shelter at all. It;s’ up to each of us, how to be as a person and the type of society we have depends on people making good choices for how to be.

We need to stop considering people who can’t work and play well with other to be socially capable and we can not leave them in positions of authority over others.

We need to stop electing people who scapegoat any group.

Because if history teaches us one thing. it’s that no greater good is served by sacrificing the few or the one.

So, for people who like Star Trek and don’t like Scientology. I have some bad news for you. Gene Roddenbury was pals with L Ron Hubbard and he lifted stuff to work into the show. L Ron Hubbard was into sex magic and was a science fiction writer who did famously say that if you want to make a lot of money, create a religion.

Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.
Nina Tryggvason's photo.

The Dude only had a few clients. one was by letter post. One was himself. Seriously. Just cause he liked his Mom and penis too much, doesn’t mean the rest of us do……

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Elvis vs Tom Jones

hotel keys. panties. bras.

who knows which one of Elvis or Tom got more thrown on stage


Elvis was driving his custom bus home when George Klein played Green Green Grass of home on the radio. (see the below video for that story)


Tom Jones and Elvis 2 Tom Jones and Elvis 4 Tom Jones and Elvis 5 Tom Jones and Elvis 6 Tom Jones and Elvis 7 Tom Jones and Elvis Tom Jones and Elvis3

Now that’s an Elvis home recording to look for – jamming with Tom Jones.


Tom Jones and Tina Turner – who turns 75 today and still has the most fab legs ever! – dominated a big part of the 70s


While Tom went onto a long career and being knighted – he didn’t have the lasting power.


Over the last couple of years his main press has been talking about Elvis.

First that he tried to caution Elvis off of drugs and Elvis cautioned him not to try to do Sinatra.

Elvis of course, pwned Sinatra by romancing his girl Juliet Prowse and his daughter Nancy and finally stealing his signature song – My Way and turning it into Elvis’ swan song.


More interestingly is Tom Jones’ assertions that he and Elvis wanted to beat up John Lennon. Which is totally credible to me.


But more interestingly the one about Elvis bursting into the shower to sing to Tom and trying to sneak a look at his junk.



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90s Cartoon: Reboot reboots with a sequel

The sequel to the classic animated series “Reboot” is looking cooler and cooler.
  • Kevin Karstens Never seen it before…I knew of it, but never seen it… ;)
  • Friendof  Kevin Karstens

    It was a lot of fun. A little weird in its last season, but still fun.
  • Nina Tryggvason it was freaking awesome! the very first entire CGI cartoon. I think maybe the canadian humour didn’t translate
    one year after Christmas, Canadian Tire had the action figures on sale.
    When the Reboot ones were released each figure came with a cd rom.
    they started at $35 and by Christmas had dropped to $7.00.
    I bought Enzo and Frisket.
    After Christmas, the price dropped to $3.50 and I went into the North Vancouver Location.
    They did not have them all there but they did have them all in all the other lower mainland stores. so I had them call around and by the next day, I had the entire set released.
    I waited several months before I couldn’t stand it and was pissed to discover that all the cds were the same content.
    Anyway, I had them a long time and only recently had to toss Hack n Slash they fell apart.
    My cat used to enjoy sitting on the bookcase and hooking Dot’s fabric dress in her claw and swinging it.
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Dear Big Pharma: about Accountability

Why should we demand clear labelling of produced products and medications?

Because consumers cannot be expected to have chemistry or marketing degrees to read a label.


Companies are too focused on the stockholders and not product safety.

Government regulations are not about corporate profits they are about public health and safety.


Thalidomide and DES were two drugs given to women to manage the side effects of pregnancy.


Thalidomide resulted in deformed rabbits and humans and it took 3 decades to find out about the rabbits.

DES resulted in sterile female offspring. I am unaware of what, if any impact, there was on male offspring.


So – tell me again about how safe and proud companies are of products that they refuse to label or inform the public and apparently the regulating government agencies about.




On the weekend, we published our special report on Canada’s thalidomide victims and their pleas for help from our federal government. Many of you have voiced your support for them on our Facebook page. You can also show your support by signing this petition from the Thalidomide Victims Association of Canada:

Sign the Petition
It’s time to Right the Wrong – the Canadian Thalidomide Tragedy
The Globe and Mail In case you missed it, you can read our special report here:

Canadian victims of the ‘wonder’ drug are seeking justice as they live with the fallout from one of the worst health scandals in history. Will anybody listen?
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80’s Movies: Who’s That Girl



After Desperately Seeking Susan, Madonna’s first star vehicle was a girl in a Presley Picture:

Madonna who's that girl


Madonna and Cyndi Lauper chased each other around the charts and when Cyndi revealed she was in her 30s rather than her 20s and her association with reestablishing wrestling as a mainstream entertainment put Madonna as the decade’s winning Diva.


80s diva off winner

Madonna’s movie career tanked with her marriage to Sean Penn and she mastered or is it mistressed reinvention as the queen of SM, queer equality rights and concert spectacle tours.


She kick started celebrity adoption of foreign children, wrote children’s books and has affected a british accent and calls herself Madge the last time I checked in on her.

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80s Movies: Top Secret


The first Elvis-less Presley Picture introduced Val Kilmer – playing Nick Rivers (Loving You Elvis played Deke Rivers) in a plot kinda lifted from Double Trouble.

Top Secret Soundtrack Val Kilmer 1 Val Kilmer 2 Val Kilmer 3

Kilmer does a turn as Performer Elvis in Europe with convoluted capers and lots of songs!

Real Genius is another of his early flicks that remains a fave of mine and he later did as turn as the ghost of Elvis


Val Elvis Kilmer

Val Kilmer was in close competition with Kevin Bacon for the same types of roles. Val dated Cher and kinda became Fat Elvis while Kevin went on to bind all things Hollywood.

Kevin Bacon and Val Kilmer


Cougar-Tastic – Cher said Val was the best kisser she ever dated upon their break up.

Val Kilmer and Cher


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80s Movies: Eddie and The Cruisers


Rockploitation films in the 80s returned to the 50s with La Bamba and Dirty Dancing as the big hits of the genre.

Eddie and The Cruisers is an enduring cult fave and one of the most hysterical arguments I have with people is that this movie is based on a novel. It is not real.

There was a dowop band called The Cruisers – but there was never an actual Eddie.


it taps into our unwillingness to let go of our idols and how perhaps creativity cannot exist without the emotional pathos.


Eddie and The Cruisers Michael Pare 1 Michael Pare 2 Michael Pare 3


It hits us in that outside longing to be in, tough in public and vulnerable in private.


Michael Pare was one of my fave 80s’ actors, the Eddie sequel is a miss – but Streets of Fire is another 80s cult flick he starred in and The Manhatten Project was a great govt conspiracy lovers across time popcorn flick.



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Canada vs Russia


The European wars, deemed world wars, sure. Given.

What most people have forgotten is that Canada and Russia nearly went to war in the early 1970s over cod fish off of Newfoundland.

Iceland had declared a 200 mile limit of ocean and enforced it against the British with a single shot canon boat loaded with cod fish and potatoes.

Russia was overfishing our 12 mile water and Canada declared 200 as well.


Followed by Peru and Argentina.


Iceland had lost it’s case at the Hague world court but that fancy stuff means nothing to Vikings with cod conservation on the agenda.


America, suddenly realizing Russia was closer to them than just Alaska got involved and declared 200 miles and Russia backed down.


European sanctions against Iceland meant they were selling their products to the USSR in exchange for fuel, which they sold to the USA/NATO for their base in Iceland, old school spying on Russia.

I need to figure out how to update this stacking doll of leaders

all the way back to Peter the Great the size of a rice grain, LOL

  • Russian Pen Pal yes…the artist obviously didn’t love Russia
  • Nina Tryggvason these came from the ukraine right after they separated adn could do fdifferent images than the iconic peasant women


A mysterious Russian object that was launched earlier this year has been performing some rather fishy maneuvers, prompting some to start panicking that…
  • Russian Pen Pal I don’t know
    whether truth it
    but article
    except laughter
    at me there is nothing I didn’t cause)
  • Nina Tryggvason I think it’s interesting what is said about one’s nation in other ones.
    I was thinking how our countries are basically at war and here is us, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company and poking fun at the leaders.
    I mean if they want to fight, let’s see them in a ring and leave us masses to the opiates, eh?
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Freddie Mercury: 23 years ago…

Freddie Mercury lived until he couldn’t do what he most wanted.

When Queen recorded the last released album Innuendo the tracks were clearly a Freddie album and Freddie was blind.

When he couldn’t create music anymore, he stopped taking the medications and he died.

Freddie and Friend freddie cd solo collection Freddie Mercury Complete Solo


the Freddie solo collection is an amazing set of all his non-Queen works, although they often appeared as backing artists.

most amazing is the first meeting between Freddie and Montserrat Caballe  just vocalizing on songs with differing or even no lyrics yet.


see also:


Who is the Gay Elvis? Freddie vs Adam

Freddie Mercury is certainly an archetype all his own, but for this blog’s purpose – he is to the queer community as Elvis was to the hets… and us queers in many ways.   Adam Lambert is now playing Freddie … Continue reading


Elvis was the Hillbilly Cat, But Freddie had cats

    further reading   I think this should be an INaction figure….


Freddie Mercury

Liver of life, lover of songs Freddie lived until he had no quality of life that was endurable, then, he discontinued the medications available at the time thanks for the music Freddie


The Freddie Factor: Channeling Your Inner Fag

I have been impersonating Elvis since I was 6 or 7 years old at family functions and later, in air band contests from High School to College. So when my Mom suggest karoke therapy to me in 2011, I first … Continue reading


Queen + Adam Lambert grief climax in Vancouver: 6/28/2014

Well. Whatever I expected, the June 28 outing to Vancouver to see the Queen concert exceeded expectations.   On the skytrain to the show, my sister and I joked about a 1970s’ Martin Sheen movie – during his crazy youth … Continue reading

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