Elvis Flicks: Heartbreak Hotel

David Keith plays Elvis in Heartbreak Hotel.



A teenager kidnaps Elvis to restore Footloose Town’s faith in Rock n Roll.


Noteable casting: Tuesday Weld, Wild in the Country, plays the Mom and the romantic interest.



I remember standing behind the counter at the video store and listen to a middle age man explain to me that this movie was not fiction, that this had happened.

He said, there were three days when Elvis did disappear.


“He turned up at the White House to hang with Nixon, that wasn’t really disappearing.” I replied.

see: http://dykewriter.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/best-elvis-biopic-elvis-meets-nixon/



I actually wish this movie had happened.


It’s a hard thing to have a character resist the lessons in the film.


Maybe if Elvis hadn’t gotten so tangled in the image

he might have remembered


that he was

to just a human being



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what’s the point of “conversation”?

people do not with


they talk at


they watch to see lips stop moving to know when it’s their turn to talk


either or

zero summed


all conflict

all the fucking time


why did I bother to re-learn how to talk?


there is nothing to say

because no one listens anyway

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Catatonic Cubicle Syndrome

The inevitable Syndrome of the collective and correlation of workplace Burn Out and Rust Out in non-functional workplaces with poor corporate culture

cognitive dissonance of what it’s supposed to be by not only social norms, but actual policy – versus the practice.


Rebellion and Social Change come from when people realize the difference between what is – and what can be


cubicle workspace


do not tell me the world is one way, when it is clearly another

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Raw Recovery Specialist: Burning Churning Learning

Group rules

are often subject to

who rules the group



posting 12 times in one group is okay, but not another.


posting articles of interest is okay, unless you wrote them – in which case, it’s self aggrandizing.



why am I trying to talk to people again?


oh right.


recovery goal



said the raven

nevermind, eh?



something like that.

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Elvis and food


Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches and Elvis Presley.


A childhood food becomes one’s adult comfort food.



I remember seeing it made on David Letterman by Nancy Rook who was one of Elvis’ last chefs and the first person Ginger Alden talked to when she found Elvis cold on the floor.

She made it in a half pound of melted butter, had put butter on the bread as well as a huge glob of peanut butter (which was a brand that was more icing than peanuts) and the banana as the only healthy part of that.


even as a child I was more amazed that Elvis made it to 42 than that he had died so young.


Marion J Cocke, his favorite nurse and was on duty and there when his death was official called;  made him banana pudding.


Elvis was germphobic and carried his own cutlery.

Elvis had several eating disorders including binge eating – but also eating the same limited number of specific meals and famously, eating the same meal over and over.

During the sixties, his movie dinner was meatloaf, mash potatoes and green beans.


Elvis yo-yo dieted to get himself into shape for career events and then comfort self medicate to compensate for his personal and professional set backs.




see also:


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Elvis Flicks: Elvis Has Left the Building

Elvis Has Left the Building

A cosmetics saleswoman returns a favour to Elvis by striking down impersonators in her existential wake.


Kim Bassinger does a lovely turn selling external beauty on a false esteem pedestal of marketing and workshopese.


The movie is surprisingly satisfying as a romantic comedy, an A Lister Cast of Cameos for a who’s who drinking game and is a cathartic release of hostility towards poor Elvis impersonation.





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Before the Big Bang

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

Why does it matter what occurred before the Big Bang?

Cause and effect only have meaning in the context of there being time – and if the universe began at the Big Bang, so did Time begin, thus, the universe had nothing preceding it, since there was no time by which anything else could be put in a cause and effect relationship.

It may well be that the universe we occupy exists – or arose phoenix-like on the ashes of a collapsed previous universe – a perpetual universe of collapse and expansion, where everything that is possible to occur does occur.

Sometimes the idea that as soon as one person actually figures out the universe, it collapses and expands anew, something more strange and wondrous than before, makes perfect sense. In which case, Douglas Adams forecast more than the internet in his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy in 4…

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the day the earth wobbled

boxing day 2004



the idea that the earth could wobble was too much and I rejected it from the first person who posted it


then I started reading

it was true


that indian ocean quake made the entire earth wobble


in seattle, just as the wave started


a man was running a computer model of a new theory he had had about waves


think pin ball machine


satellite data after the fact, confirmed his model was right


waves richotte between land masses

back and forth, intensifying


but what began the quake was deep in the mantel


the location of the crust the hard resistance to that molten wave


I remember learning that this is a layer of rock like molten plastic

which make sense to me that they have finally sorted out that there’s more type of rock than igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.


just like I was taught there was three states of matter


air liquid solid


except space is beyond air


and altering temperature and pressure


gravity and density, eh?


changes the states of being


fire is itself plasma – another state of being


so sublimating, isn’t it?


marinade on that a while, eh?



on Jupiter, there are more states of water than on earth, because of pressure and temperature


what passes for rules on solids

apparently differs for liquids





animals didn’t know to move away


on one location, there was an elephant park

where they had transistors

they actually moved into danger, not away

but survived



I don’t know what year it was, before this video


watching the actual film by the people who were caught


was the first time I could feel something for other people


and watching people trying to avoid drowning

or describe near drowning


oddly helped me start to control my constant sense of suffocation and hyperventilating.




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Disaster United

View Me See You

The Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine/Russia conflict.


The world has lost 100 people who worked to end the spread of AIDs, one of the largest and most prolific pandemics to hit our species in our history… well as far as we know.

there are many civs who disappeared and we haven’t sorted out if it was disease, famine, severe weather (ie drought) or geographic disasters (ie volcanos).

Quotes depend on context, so, without apology to Margaret Mead


My facebook pal in Australia’s daughters went to school with three children who were on that plane with their parents. Another Australian family lost family on both Malaysian crashes.


I remember reading about a woman who got out of one of the towers on 9/11, only to die in a plane crash 3 months later that crashed in a New York burb.


I remember reading an article in Time Magazine in 2009 about disasters and how people behave in them. It compared 9/11, that nightclub pyrotechnic fire with 500 deaths  and an LA conference center that had none.


I remember reading about one of the lost Emergency Prepardeness Heros of 9/11, who had advised in a written report before the first truck bomb attack on the building about dangers.

His own company was one of the highest survivor rates, he went back in to get more out and he was lost.


I remember 9/12 being in lockdown for 6 hours  at RCMP HQ because someone called in a bomb threat.



Professional Detachment … mental health issue of disassociation


how we cope

depends on what we cope with


what we can as a matter of course


what we cannot as a matter of force


individual predators or ones in groups


terror comes in all shapes and sizes

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Presley Pictures: Lonesome Cowboy

Elvis cowboy child dreams

The Wild West

Cowboys and Pioneers

Taming a Frontier

Individualist Law Unto Oneself


The western films of Elvis Presley

Love Me Tender

A period piece made in living memory of the time period.

Originally called The Reno Brothers, the movie was renamed for the hit song on the soundtrack after Elvis sang it on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Elvis is the youngest brother, left behind on the farm, who marries the girl of his idolized older brother; presumed dead in combat.

The three Older Reno Brothers learn of the war’s end after they pull a payroll heist attack on the Yankees, then return home with their spoils of war.


The law catches up and the three older Reno brothers deal with the law while their combat troop cohorts turn Vance against them.

Vance dies putting things to right and the family goes on with the combat scarred brothers and the loss of the one who stayed safe at home.

War has a way of not limiting itself to a battlefield.


Flaming Star

Elvis does his best Brando playing  mixed heritage Pacer Burton. A man caught between his father’s white culture and his mother’s native one.

what difference does a single word make?


Flaming Star delivers that rare western that examined the impact of the culture clash and stands as one of the top 100 Westerns on the American list of films.


Love Me Tender and Flaming Star are the only movies Elvis dies on. Flaming Star did not repeat the mistake of an onscreen death, so the crying and pandemonium of the first movie didn’t happen in this one.



Tickle Me

A modern western of sorts. Elvis is a cowboy on a women ranch, with the “plot” twisting to a ghost old west town and a goofy sequence of cowboy parody. Sort of a comedy western if you think about it not hard or long enough.

This movie ironically has one of the best soundtracks, instead of new songs, it just used the Elvis is Back return album of blues and rock that is one of Elvis’ best LPs.

It was made on the cheap and allowed United Artists to continue to exist as a studio.

Elvis saves the Studio founded by Charlie Chaplain and other Hollywood luminaries and gets made fun of as thanks.


Stay Away Joe

This is the most shameful movie in Elvis’ career.

Reversing everything that Flaming Star was, this movie pandered to the lowest stereotype of Indigenous Peoples and while does make some government pot shots, is devoid of any social commentary value.

I am surprise Elvis managed to maintain any professionalism and do more than 1 take of this song:

He was the first actor to get a piece of the boxoffice and the only leading actor who never had script approval.



Elvis is an outlaw framed by his former gang while he’s trying to live a more lawful life.

This is one of my fave Elvis movies and showed Elvis a lot grittier than in previous movies.


It’s too bad that just as he was burnt out on movies, he was actually coming into his own in acting terms. Certainly, his later movies with the social commentary stand out from his popcorn flick output.


Either way


I know that watch Elvis movies has helped a lot over my recovering process, because in a way Parker was right,


We didn’t want to see Elvis change the world on screen. He did that in the actual world.


We wanted to see what our fantasy of him was.


romancing women


and generally


kicking ass

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