The More You Know! Jesus Edition

Borgia Prince








The Catholic Church is the oldest branch of Christianity and it has outlasted Secular Empires.

It was the first multi-national corporation that set the greed standard from tithing to children.


If there had been an historic Jesus, he would hardly have been a goy.


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Queen with a View

Queen Elizabeth the Second of England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, UK…Commonwealth, Canada and Australia and formerly America, India and where the sun finally set: warns Scotland to consider the future.


Well yeah. Let’s do that.


What is the amount of money spent to prop up a figurehead in the motherland; then duplicated that as a Governor-General at the Federal Level of the Colonies, and their sub-regional – State or Provinces- all down to the Municipal levels with figureheads


– when, let’s be honest, with telephone tech, we’ve been able to call if we really needed a royal opinion…not.just.saying,eh? –


seriously, I think there’s more queen wanna bes in government than in drag clubs

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BibleWorld: The Earth View

Bible Earth ViewThe geography in the Torah 1.0, The Bible 2.0 and the Quran 3.0 is very limited.


This is why the Book of Mormon, 2.5 corrects this by taking place in America.





The Abrahamic Trilogy is actually all one religion.


Most religions do not contain a heaven or hell (in fact that is missing from book 1.0).

Book Review: Pocket Guide to the Afterlife


The edit history of the book and the number of versions over the centuries is far more enlightening than the text inside.


Consider it like the dead tree internet. A collection of essays, poetry, stories, propaganda and conspiracy stuff, bad health and little to no science, and highly subjective as to it’s cultural relevance.

Most religions of the world lean towards a recycling of life energy through incarnations and staged, often to explain away real life social injustice….


Atheism is to religion as rehab is to addiction


Addiction and Personal Responsibility


Religiously Kinky


Religion: 0 Spirituality: 2


The Queer Thinking of Some Straight People



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the better part of discretion is STFU

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

once again

personal opinions are the least authoritative or socially valid – especially when they are vapid, self interested or willfully ignorant.

subject matter expert opinions are based in training, education and work experience – these opinion have merit and validity because they are based in understanding of the issues in a larger context than self interest

professional expert opinions are the ones to most direct public policy and law, because these are derived from the highest levels of education and detailed/extensive working experience that is often too complex for the average or layperson to understand unless they put in the effort to educate themselves either formally or an interest/hobby

outsider science is driving many advances just as outside art pushes the envelope

there’s room for everyone to have and express opinions

but remember that freedom of speech is not limited to first speech

nor is any speech consequence free

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With All Respect Due to Mark Twain

And I do mean respect, not like the phrase “with all due respect” confers; which is none at all.


Telling the truth does not alas, spare you from having to remember lies.

Because what other people say and do is part of the overall tale.


People convincing you that your version is incorrect is gaslighting.


Something Mr Twain knew a lot about both as a literary and a literal street light illumination.


Because there’s a difference between what is a “version” – one’s subjective perspective interpreting not only facts, but patterns and situations.


There are the objective facts. then there is interpretation.


ironically, you need to really understand multiculturalism

to get that at every possible and probable level


Telling tales of varying scope and magnitude

the telling is the tell

if the tale is true or tall

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Should we shill for corporations just because they get on the Right Thing Bandwagon?

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Equality and legal rights are mostly a legal fiction

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of Rights and Deities

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

and another discussion on the point of legal rights being government and culturally dependent….

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Freedom is a balance of entitlements, rights and responsibilities

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Elvisworld: The Memphis Mafia and Group Dynamics

that guy he throws the water on is Lamar Fike.

Fike was a Big Boy DJ in texas who, upon hearing an Elvis disc, quit in the middle of spinning it and went to LA and weaseled his way in as the court jester.

still. Elvis bullied them to get out his frustrations at being bullied by Parker and never being white enough for the establishment he was desperate to be part of.


to be honest, I have started to see Elvis in a very human light.

a few years back, I went to a big Elvis event in Cloverdale and I met Joe Esposito and Jerry Schilling.
they were complete assholes and Joe actually stood there and screamed at me until his voice gave out and then he got Jerry to come over and scream at me some more.
I was in shock that they would do that to a fan and it just made everything I had read come alive in a whole new way and I realize just how much fun Elvis had torturing these blood sucking leeches.




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