History Channel’s Lost Worlds

We need shows that claim to be about history to actually be historic and academic and stop pandering to the masses allegedly supposed to be educating.


The Lost World’s series is an interesting range of ancient to modern locations associated with historic figures.


We need to keep them in their actual historic context and not put a patina of validity to Christianity.



The King Herod episode begins the claim that we know Herod from the Bible.

true for people indoctrinated with it, not so true for the peoples of the regions in which these folks occurred


we know the ancients used propaganda and marketing, so we know to balance documents and documentation by any one culture against the other cultures they interacted with.



so, to start the episode with from the bible we know him, then slowly admit that Herod died before the alleged bith of Christ, kinda blows the whole Christ story apart.


Ditto with the Hittite Empire. We do not know them only from the reference in the Bible.


People in Modern Turkey are built on the remains of that Empire and there are Eyptian monuments with documentation about the Hittities and they left their own records, we just didn’t find them until rather recently.




there is a problem with the idea of the bible in one hand and a trowel in the other


just because some of the stories have real locations and real people


doesn’t make the supernatural elements true


anymore than comic books or other fiction



anthropology and archeology are what put religion into it’s culture context


not biology as a zero sum conversation where it’s science or religion.



religion is a cultural product of humans living in close quarters


just because some religions have outgrown their geographic birth places, doesn’t make them true.


religion is not able to predict or prove any claim


faith does not move mountains, but we know what it does to skyscrapers and to people



religion is a mental health issue


and I am starting to wonder


if autism isn’t an evolution away from that kind of capacity


to understand the world through our senses and expression


rather than be godbots or glandbots


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Workplace Bullying Legislative Watch

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

“Our government recognizes that we need to treat job-related mental stress the same way we treat physical illness and injuries. We know mental stress has a significant impact on workers, their families and their workplace.”

Margaret MacDiarmid,
Minister of Labour,
Citizens’ Services and Open Government

This is a major step forward for workplace bullying to be recognized as a workplace injury.

Now, if only, workplace bullying could be recognized as a crime as serious as physical assault. Particularly since the injuries from a physical assault tend to heal faster than psychological injuries.

Now, if they would do something about the application process and reduce the number of suicides while people wait for their claims to be adjudicated….

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break it down

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

That was a big thing in the 70s getting to go out for Chinese food. The going out was a treat in my growing up years.

As an adult, living in the same region,  authentic and 70’s style Chinesefoods are side by side with any other food kiosk at the mall. It’s not an occasion anymore, it’s just lunch in the way that any food is just lunch.

So, the more food cuisines at the mall the more cosmopolitan you are. More telling is when food from other cultures seep into your mind as comfort foods.

In addition to oatmeal and grilled cheese, my comfort foods include tan tan noodles and korma chicken. Foods that I didn’t grow up eating, but I think of as just as comforting as the foods that I did.

And it takes a country like Canada to do that; where immigrant populations haven’t had to…

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Language rights notwithstanding

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

Montreal-area school board considers making French mandatory in its schoolyards

I read these headlines, and am so glad that Quebec forever tainted the notwithstanding clause by using it to suppress the rights of English speaking people, because it meant that Harper, couldn’t use it against gays and lesbians on the marriage issue.

When Canada’s Constitution and Charter of Rights came into being in the early 1980’s, the provinces, in order to obtain their agreement to the new federal arrangement and the delegation of federal and provincial/territorial authorities were created – there was a mechanism by which the state could block court ordered legislative changes to the constitution and charter – a sort of cover for errors or omissions to allow the government not to change anything.

The Notwithstanding Clause.

This would have allowed, in the 1980’s for example, if gay marriage had been taken to court then and won at…

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Secular World Realization

Originally posted on Nina's Garden:

American Christians share their society with mostly other American Christians.

This has lead to the incestuous thinking that belief is only a matter of getting the proper explanation, the correct version of Christian thinking.

For the most part, Americans are Christians fighting with other Christians.

They do not experience or encounter non-Christians as part of their daily life or considerations.

They live in an entirely Christian mindframe, rarely being questioned or challenged or having to accommodate other people’s beliefs and customs.

This is why they cannot handled when athiests and others disagree, and why they react with hellfire and damnation – they are so used to these tactics being effective that they have not developed anything more sophisticated or nuanced in response.

Collectively as a group, Focus on the Family has rallied the anti-gays, Discovery Institute has rallied all the anti-education, and the abortion movement covers the anti-sex, anti-women, ant-whites…

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Who is the best Elvis Impersonator?


Elvis reinventing himself I think.


But Elvis fans like to debate this and usually offer whatever current impersonator they have seen.


Seriously, there’s been too many open copy cats to count, never mind rank them.


So, in terms of Elvis impersonators who got into the public awareness, that’s between


Billy Idol




Chris Issak




Each of them captured an aspect of Elvis and built their own personas around that.



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I did a scary thing today

I joined the Klien Lyons class action suit against the RCMP.



I worked for 7 departments in 13 years and have been on disability for the last 2.


I am permanently disabled and having to endure more processes trying to get help.


words just fail





my Uncle Gus explains about how intimidating the Canada Secrets Act is in 1991.



the Act hasn’t changed but the current government of the day


created some additional legislation 2 years ago


that subject public service employees to up to 14 years in jail for lesser things not at all covered in the security act


and the impact is a denial of our charter rights as Canadians


just for talking about our experiences


which, when they are contrary to the actual workplace policies and federal and provincial labour standards



isn’t that why people died creating unions in the first place?


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Writers Coinage – Bi-WORD-ual

Instead of saying an either or, I like to take the root concept and turn it into a concept phrase.




do you drink coffee, tea or both?

I am bidrinkual.



cats or dogs?




writer tip: how to coin words to give characters difference voices. Each character should use appropriate jargon, a unique swear word that other characters do not use and some unique vocal tics to give actors to play with that represent inner character world

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Dear Agoraphobic Diary — July 29, 2014


I took my Mom with me on a carefully planned itinerary to Vancouver.


We started with a personal fave place – the Nespresso Boutique at the Bay downtown Vancouver, Pacific Center Mall – with a slight twist.


Instead of the sub basement level Member’s Club area, we went to the 5th floor Boutique.


Where, and I feel a bit guilty because I have forgotten the name of the dapper young gentleman who made the most amazing hazelnut lattes for us – and it’s because I do remember the name of the charming young lady Molly who took over at his break time.


I am not sure what people who work coffee call their breaks exactly. So suffice to say, eh?


I bought my Nespresso Delonghi machine about 8 years ago on sale for $800 and it is the only thing; well other than Elvis stuff; that I have never had buyer’s regret over.


Making my daily latte for me and my Mom is the joy of my morning.

Their new machines for North America are amazingly affordable at under $200 and have a new larger cup size that are about three of the regular capsule and I guess 2 of the Lungo filled.

Coffee and how we share it around the world.


Honestly, telling Michael Shermer on that Alaska cruise with the skeptic’s conference about the history of Americanos being a slap on American soldiers for not being able to tolerate espressos. While he was sipping on one. UberLOL.

Honestly, the best coffee is perked, drip is better than those stupid presses – but greek/turkey coffee kicks espresso’s ass.


I was explaining to my mom and aunt that the difference between a latte and a cappuccino is the ratio of milk to foam with the espresso.


Ah. the life of a bidrinkual purist.


I understand that Tassimo is adding soups to their line, kinda proving they are the beverage dispenser. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and Chicken Soup, all from the same nozzle.




If you’re gonna do it at home, do it with a machine that will make you hate all other caffeinated beverages that you touch.


Nespresso is all the fancy you need at far less expense, than buying out.



Anyway, I was really impressed to see the expanded line of the original cups. Three types of decaf, three permanent flavours and a wide global range of roasts. All my dark roast faves are still there and I enjoyed picking up some lighter roasts for the higher caffeine kick.

My Mom was delighted to talk about how to recycle the capsules, – the coffee grind to the garden and the aluminum capsules into the household recycling program.


Between the wheatgrass juice this morning, the hazelnut latte, and the espresso shot of the light Ethopian roast – made it really easy to cope with the idea of being in downtown Vancouver on a workday.



My Mom’s fave part of the day was the stop just before the freeway at the Wendy’s for a chocolate malt.







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Elvis Fandom Funnies


When Elvis was making movies, his fans were around his age range.

So gals would flock to the movies and be jealous of the girls he kissed.


I am 2 weeks older than Elvis’ daughter, Lisa Marie.


So when I watched Elvis movies, I was jealous of the kids who were in the movies with him.



It’s funny, I remember going to see John Travolta in Staying Alive, the dance without social commentary sequel to Saturday Night Live.


The audience was packed, all women.


When Sylvester Stallone did his director cameo scene, the whole audience, except me and my cousin – gasped, held their breath and sighed.



it was the weirdest experience.



then I remember my Aunt Olof telling me about going to see Kid Galahad with her school pals and one of them screaming out during a scene


the mob is invading and Elvis runs downstairs

the girls screamed


“Go get him Elvis”



watching a story or watching someone in a story


I guess that makes the difference between a film and a movie


or just a popcorn flick



but you know


we probably need more popcorn flicks than film


media medicates, indicates, and infuriates

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