Imagine the Horror…

For a while, the only programs I could tolerate watching were Christmas shows, because they are almost the only type of program that’s about people being nice to each other.

I put aside the reason in the shows and just focused on the idea that some times and some places, people do care about being nice. ….


xmas 01 xmas 02 xmas 03 xmas 04





I think this would be a good agoraphobia theme song


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Elvisverse: Elvis and Larry Geller

Larry Geller joined the Memphis Mafia in the movie 60s, the 70s tour and Larry did Elvis’s final hairstyle session.

Col Elvis and Larry


Curiously, both Charlie Hodge and Nancy Rook (Elvis’ fave nurse) both claimed in their book to have done the spit curl over the forehead.


But given the evidence of the National Enquirer’s coffin photo, we know that no one did that.


Larry introduced not only a Jewish vibe but an Eastern Esoteric discussion partner for Elvis during their hair dressing sessions. Elvis’ relationship with Larry was more intellectual than the relationships that he had with the other members of the group – more butch, macho jock types.


Larry was one of the few Northerners who got into the inner Elvis circle. Joe Esposito – a Bronx native that Elvis met in the army was the other.


Larry he met in Hollywood. Larry’s other claim to fame is that he worked for Jay Siegel. one of the victims of the Manson Family murders.

Larry and Elvis backstage

Which did a lot to fuel Elvis’ own later paranoia of carrying guns on stage – not to mention the thrilling attempt of some guys who got on stage thus Elvis took them down with karate to the delight of the audience to get a real live Elvis movie in person.


I mean. singing. fighting and kissing girls.



Elvis Larry on last hawaii vacay


Elvis’ last vacay in Hawaii – Larry was part of the group – Ginger Alden and her sister Terri enjoyed this and I guess Ginger’s upcoming book should have some interesting details.


Now, for being one of the fringer members of the group, Larry has written I think the second most books about Elvis. Surpassed only by Joe Esposito.


his first book was one of the first ones out – 1980


although I have this cover:

truth about elvis


I also bought his second book:



but I stopped at the leaves in the garden


because he’s just rehashing the same stories


its interesting how each MM member inflates and deflates the others


Elvis leaves




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Book Review: Elvis, Hank and Me



This was an amazing book for me to read, given that Hank Williams was my first musical hero and Elvis was my second.


It is very much the story of the Hayride’s star making program vs the Opry’s established stars only.


Hank Williams lurched from one to the other, his alcoholism making his Opry cred rise and fall, but he seemed to find a better home at the Hayride.



Elvis bombed at the Opry, but his star rose on the Hayride.


For me, the saddest part of the book was Hank’s wife – who saw Hank off on his last tour from a street corner in Louisiana and a few years later, she saw her second husband, Johnny Horton off on his final tour – he was killed by a drunk driver.


But the most baffling part was that she also refused to allow Elvis to play Hank in a movie biopic because she felt Elvis was vulgar and uncouth.


Imagine what a difference that could have made, not only to her finances, since the Hank movie ended up shelved until the 1970s – but to Elvis as an artist and to his acting career.




Maybe, if he had played Hank, his own life wouldn’t have taken the same essential path.





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10 Signs of Intellectual Honesty

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When it comes to just about any topic, it seems as if the public discourse on the internet is dominated by rhetoric and propaganda. People are either selling products or ideology. In fact, just because someone may come across as calm and knowledgeable does not mean you should let your guard down and trust what they say. What you need to look for is a track record of intellectual honesty. Let me therefore propose 10 signs of intellectual honesty.

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Science is a process

Leaky's Angels

Jane Goodall (chimpanzees), the late Dian Fossey (gorillas in particular mountain gorillas) and Birute Galdikas (orangutans). These young women were hand-picked by Leakey to conduct long-term study in an environment, that in the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s respectively, was only considered suitable for men. They were later dubbed Leakey’s Angels and went on to become the biggest names in Primatology. see:

They did pioneering work with no template or earlier work on base on.


They changed the way we interacted and understood our fellow primates – mostly to understand that they are in fact our fellow primates.



It is disturbing to me that they are now criticized for their approach.



because it was a human one, emotionally and personally connected


so much of the observations of biologist have been not published to told to the public or taken into account into our eventual text and knowledge base.


for decades, homosexual behaviors were not reported as if only humans did it


we cannot understand ourselves if we limit the study and edit the results

so clearly, what’s wrong is the official process, since it does nor produce accurate results




see also:

Meet 3 of the great apes

martyr messages

AnthroWorld Shocker: Dian Fossey a Martyr

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The best self help book: The Drunkard’s Walk

being able to understand the world


is about understanding reality


as it is

not how we wish it to be



when I read it, it triggered all my untapped math prodigy talent

it’s the best history text, rational thinking and self help book to understand one’s place in the universe.


I talked in an earlier post – From a family of blockade runners – about my paternal Grandfather’s adventures in WWII running the U-boats to take fish to England.


He had completed a 4 year ocean navigation course, heavy math, astronomy and he did it  in 2 years.


Quite frankly, if it hadn’t been for the various male mathematics teachers who stared at my boobs instead of answering my questions about the field, I probably would have done something in that area.


I used to play dungeons and dragons with a Theoretical Mathematician who ran the stats of getting any particular die roll or combination. He left the group when he got a job offer to New York for a million dollars a year.


Science pays in many ways. Field and area of specialty dependent.


Understanding masses of data, number crunching from work and volunteer experience.



When nothing makes sense anymore, anything that allows you to connect some dots.



I lost the meaning of what words were.


Recovery Process Feature DVD: School House Rock








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The Nature of Force

Mount St. Helens captured my imagination and ignited in me a passion for Earth Sciences.


volacano blast zone


In 1986, my sister and I were taken on a road trip and seeing the recovery in the dead zones and the shocking clear boundaries of the disaster zone.


Normal forest, oddly melted looking forest, sudden ash and nothing but petrified tree trunks. Almost like a nuclear detonation had just removed all life and colour.


But this was later and there were bits of greenery and insects.


But Mt. St. Helens was a small event in the cascade mountains and impacted Washington State US and spewing ash into all US bordering states and the Canadian provinces of BC and Alberta.

Iceland Mid Plateboundaries

This was not a world event like the more recent Icelandic one: Ellajokull which shut down air traffic over Europe and gave the world a reminder of the last big Iceland explosion, known in Europe as The Year Without a Summer. The ash cloud caused a winter, resulting in crop failure and starvation in the early 1800s.


this was not the first one that impacted on a massive scale. in the 1800s one erupted and reduced summer to 2 weeks – massive starvation owing to crop failures followed. The volcanic dust shut down air traffic to Europe and probably gave us a 10,000 year break on global warming by lowering temperatures. It gives a chilling insight into what the first stage of a super volcano would be – the last one of those went off 75,000 years ago and reduced the human population to 10,000 or so and we bounced back from that to over 7 billion today. yellowstone park is a supervolcano that will take out 2/3s of America when it blows and the populated part of Canada.


ash cloud over Iceland


Mount Vesuvius in Italy’s eruption kill zone includes about 5 million people. Isn’t trivia reassuring?

basic volcano

as if volcanos weren’t scary enough, there’s supervolcanos.

super volcano

The last one that erupted was 75,000 years ago and reduced the estimated human global population of 1 million down to 10,000.



to really understand volcanoes and to make sure we stop wasting virgins by tossing them in to prevent eruptions


we have learned about

Global Plate Techtonics


Molding and shaping the earth – from plate passing each other, to fold mountains, to volacanos, earthquakes and tsnunamis – the earth is a boiling gooey ball that warps and wafts as it spin dances around the sun


global plate tech


just to give a more global idea:


earth structure



I remember learning that there were three states of matter

air liquid solid


these are not exactly true because there is plasma and other types of matter depending on heat and pressure.


so the core of the earth is not a liquid or a solid, but something hotter and inbetween.



the flow from down below causes the motions and is impacted by the orbit and spin of the earth – gravitational pull of other bodies


see also:


Earth Sciences – global air, water, heating, soil redistribution

Hydro cycles

 Waves, peaks and troughs, are force and magnitude

how things move
shallow water waves

water flowing


slinky water


air blowing

air blowing


rocks stewing

rock stewing


life brewing


life brewing

metamorphatizing tantizing transformational


as magma is to rocks, water is to glaciers


Glaciers – Water in Hard Core Mode



see also:


 Earth’s Eddies

from the mantle

mantle convection

to the land and water and air

water currents




magma plumes water jets tornados


whirling swirling

density and media

differ marginally


Geyser goodness


hot springs, geysers, mudpool

heated and vented

springs, pools, streams and run off

water repleated replenished

material hardness

porous osmosis

porus horus


we are shaped

by the forces acting on us




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The cycle of the ages

women passing for war

Women who passed to go to war



slavery abolishment – many forms of slavery, eh?


freedom and voting



suffering suffragettes

women got the vote


billy Tipton make jazz not war


Women who passed to make music


black civil rights

the rise of demographics – 60s civil rights

ERA now
the rationalist revolution begins

the most hated woman in America

rationalist revolution


meanwhile in canada

Canadian Federal Public Service employees got their votes back in the 60s


making society be as good as what we can legislate

indigenous civil rights

Indigenous people of Canada got to vote in the 1970s

the stonewall inn



Stonewall was a riot

rights now


women’s equality – equal pay, reproductive rights and social equality


Act up queer nation


AIDS and the 80s


to be honest, AIDs would probably never have been identified in Africa as too many other things killed quicker.

the world owes the gay men of America who had the money to afford health care



how is it that all humans don’t have rights


or why do we think rights are real

when they have to be gained this way


instead of a social given



no one who is an actually socially capable functioning person is bothered by that other people exist.



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RnR: Elvis and Little Richard

Tutti Frutti




Long Tall Sally





Little Richard lurched between rock n roll hellfire and gospel glaze, dropping in and out of a music career and tormented by his sexuality. Religion is never the cure for the problem it creates.


Lawdy Miss Clawdy



Elvis too was driven by a spiritual zeal and I wonder how he reconciled his image as a Christian with all the other religions he explored privately


art is perhaps working through those emotional conflicts



why I am frustrated that creativity is so often merged with mental health



feelings conflicts


perhaps there are no lessons to be learned when things work smoothly



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NinaVerse: Previously Unreleased Video!


I had uploaded this below video of me in Feb 2014 and for whatever reason, it was tagged private and I just found it today.



In the mid 80s, the high school spirit was kinda low and given that the student council thought that celebrating the Orwell novel 1984 was a good idea…



Anyway, as an example, even the sports banquet was cancelled owing to a lack of ticket sales.



But, my high school social studies class convinced the teacher that a field trip to Vancouver from Chilliwack was a great way to study urban development.



Ironically for me, having read 1984 actually became something of a recovery template.


I lost my ability to speak quite literally and I struggle to make sounds to people. I remain more comfortable talking alone to my video camera.



Anyway, I was reduced at one point to a vocabulary of 34 words and I couldn’t understand nuance or magnitude.


so I double plussed it by adding the Orwellian modifiers to express myself at first


I also was careful to use words that were of a lower emotional value


for example


instead of saying upset to terrified


I would say




because saying the word intensified the feeling


a compounding from feeling, understanding the feeling, cognitively understanding





the struggle continues


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