The Law vs Religion

The Law Society of British Columbia has voted against accrediting a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.|By Justin McElroy

Nina Tryggvason religion is incompatible with equality. I applaud this.

facebookMan Then you do not understand how law works or the justice system. Theres no room for using your personal religeous convictions in this field. Its driven by facts, evidence and an impartial judgement. Only the ignorant could possibly applaud this. Where do you think our laws come from? Thou shalt not kill etc, etc, etc.

Nina Tryggvason I am an atheist and religion is outside of law is the point of the story.

our laws do not come from religion. learn history.

facebookWoman Actually our laws do stem from “religion”. You are the one who should learn your history. Start with the 10 commandments. I trust your education will help you find them.

Nina Tryggvason wrong the ancient greeks had laws and the romans, codified before that Christian cult upstart. sumeria and babylonia as well.

any culture with govt structures were based on laws and a social contract.

India, China the Americas all had cultures with social and civic laws

religion makes laws when it is a theocracy. this is why it is incompatible with democratic equality.

given that the majority of the 10 commandments are orders to obey authority blindly. no fucking thank you.

funny how it does not occur to either replier that it is LAWYERS who understand the law who voted to do this….eh?
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Faces more than eyes, mirror the person

There are a number of things that can render a person’s face that imbalanced.  Strokes, nerve damage and brain conditions.

Given what we know about psychopaths and sociopaths – that their brain sections that process social skills and emotions are minimal to non-functional – I think that this facial imbalance is a measure of their ability to mimic what they cognitively understand to be appropriate and their actual authentic selves.

I think it is a sign of sociopathy given his circumstances. he is unable to mask a feeling he is unfamiliar with and has not learned appropriate disguise faces.

See also:


Now, for this dykewriter blog – I would put this information to use in a few ways


Ironicaly as an article from Natural News about not being swayed by charismatic nutjobs.
And more seriously as a Lezflirt blog about safety in dating on and off line.

BC premier Gordon Campbell mug shots hawaii vacation


but I would most prefer to use this as a political teaching moment.


Because more importantly than who you date is who you vote for.

bush kissing saudi prince

and who they date, politically speaking


Harper smile Canada at war

PM Harper the moment Canada is declared at war.

Harper at Cirilo funeral


see also:


An Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters




The needs of the many will always surpass the needs of the few.  Anders Behring Breivik Shooter/Bomber on Friday, July 22, 2011 Oslo, Norway  I wasn’t going to blog about the most recent homeland terror assault, I didn’t even particularly … Continue reading


Anders Behring-Breivik – gay or straight, it was religion and racism that made him murder


Religious Family Values

“If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” –Luke 14:26 Whenever the expression “Family Values” is … Continue reading

Conservatives and Criminals

You have nothing to fear unless you’re a criminal terrorist. The Conservative rallying cry to increase the appearance of security at the expense of actual privacy. What conservatives fail to realize is that there is more to fear in the … Continue reading


Remaining People in a Crisis

Over on Sifting Reality, John Barron raises an interesting topic – the role of business in society and the role of that business in emergency situations. John’s premise is that business that sell products that are at a premium in … Continue reading


Blind Patriotism and Religionism

Religionist Americans, because not all who are Americans are religionists, do not like atheist Americans because the fact of there being atheist Americans is an unequivocally statement that religionists will die and cease to exist, just like everyone else; that … Continue reading

Does discrimination lead to becoming a terrorist?

I had an Ah Ha moment reading an article which was about watching media dance around ethnicity and religion issues when an event like the Fort Hood shooting occurs. Basically, that everyone is bend over and twisting around to avoid … Continue reading

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Paranoid Ponderables: GMOs to Zombie-Os

GMO bacteria – what is to stop a company from creating a bacteria that programs people?

there is an hypothesis in mental health about the microbes in our digestive system that the types and ratio correlates with depressive types – and impacts our ability to self care.

considering that in nature, there are microbe critters that turn larger hosts – such as ants – into zombie hosts

what is to stop GMO from making humans more or less resistant to various drugs to control our chemistry and our very personalities?

round up ready crops….. medication ready people, eh?

using viruses to patch people. so to speak…..

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ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

From the Elvis Information Net site:

Elvis World’s Bill Burk has finally tracked down the November issue of Playboy and read the full set of claims made by Byron Raphael in his article with Alanna Nash, In Bed With Elvis.

This is Bill’s review:

In summary, Raphael claims he worked for Elvis in 1956-57 and he procured countless girls to climb into bed with Elvis, including some rather well-known movie stars.

First off, Raphael worked first in the mail room for the William Morris Agency. From there, Tom Parker hired him to become a Parker assistant. This much we know to be true from reading Alanna Nash’s Tom Parker biography, which will forever rank as the bio on that old carny as will ever be written.

But that was Parker. This is Raphael. And Elvis.

In checking with those closest to Elvis during his career, EW could find no one who could even hint that Raphael ever worked for Elvis, in any capacity, be it gofer or pimp. The nicest thing any of them said about his claims in Playboy was “BS” … and that did not stand for “Before Stardom.”

Raphael’s claims (as written by Nash):

1. Elvis unzipped his pants and dry-humped RCA’s Nipper on stage before thousands in a October 28, 1957 show in Los Angeles. WHY — with all the thousands of cameras that followed Elvis everywhere he stepped — have there never been ONE photo of this event seen by anyone? And WHY, with Los Angeles police in attendance, was Elvis not arrested for public indecency on the spot?

2. Raphael claims he noted a “huge hard-on through his pants” during the Nipper humping performance. Alanna seems to be obsessed with Elvis’ erections. In one of her books she wrote 4-year-old Elvis got an erection from seeing up Mother Gladys’ dress. In proof-reading that book, I challenged such a thing could happen to a 4-year-old … but she claimed she checked it out with medical people and were told it “could” have happened, so the erection stayed “up” and “in” the book.

3. In brief, Raphael wrote, on seeing Elvis scantily clad so … so often, that “he was well-endowed” … and “he always had a hard-on.” (There we go again.)

Well, two things: (A) Obviously Raphael never saw the Army induction photos of Elvis, clad only in his jockey shorts; and (B) even Elvis referred to that region of his body as “little Elvis” … and rightfully so!

I used to threaten Elvis that if he angered me, I would print those jockey shorts pix and ruin his sex appeal with girls forever !!!

4. Raphael claims “Elvis seldom went all the way,” and further claimed this was because “he always remembered his mother teaching him that “sex before marriage was a sin.”

This ain’t the Elvis that performed some 200 gigs on the road (away from Moma) during his days at Sun; and this ain’t the Elvis so many females have told EW stories about.

5. He further claims he introduced Natalie Wood to Elvis and she went straight into E’s bedroom and 20 minutes later she came out, huffing and puffing that Elvis did not want to consumate the act; at which point she challenged Raphael, right there in Elvis’ suite, and they both got naked and Raphael took care of Wood’s burning needs. That near the end of that sexcapade, Elvis came out of his bedroom, saw them in the act, and said, “Heaven help us.”

HAD THAT SCENE actually happened, and had Raphael actually been working as Elvis’ full-time Hollywood pimp, Elvis probably would have broken his neck right then and there. And he would have been fired on the spot!

Later, he says, Elvis dated Natalie Wood. I mean, c’mon, after E saw the two of them humping right there in his suite and he would even think of seeing her again? Hey, Byron, you got any mountains in the Sahara Desert you want to sell me?

6. Next, the obligatory innuendo that “tongues wagged that Elvis and (Nick) Adams were getting it on.” E’s attitude toward homosexuals was strongly opposed. And again, an inuendo. Writers should either come up with solid proof — or keep their damned fingers off the keyboards !!!

7. He detailed how Juliet Prowse liked to position herself during sexcapades with Elvis during the filming of “G. I. Blues.” And while that may or may not be true, this position is not the same as the one so vividly described by karate king Kang Rhee when he spoke to our EW Breakfast one morning in the only XXX-rated talks we ever had (though we didn’t know it would be XXX-rated when we booked Master Rhee to speak).

8. That he set up a meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, and that he believes MM was interested in having a romp in the hay with Elvis, but got totally turned off by E’s cousin, Gene Smith, and Cliff Gleaves. Not sure of MM’s interest here, but can well understand how this twosome could turn any woman off wanting to be around Elvis!

9. Much of the end of this Playboy story comes straight out of the pages of the Memphis Mafia book, which Alanna also wrote with Lamar Fike, Marty Lacker and real cousin Billy Smith.

BOTTOM LINE OPINION: That Raphael’s claims rank right down there with “cousin” Earl Greenwood’s; that he has read of certain things; and heard of certain things; and then inserted himself into an active roll in all that happened — or did not happen. Not sure whether Raphael’s stories rank just above, or just below, Greenwood’s.

Addendum: At times, in reading the language in the Playboy story about Elvis, I had to flip back to the magazine’s cover to make sure I wasn’t reading Penthouse by mistake. Much of the verbage sounded like it was straight out of the pages of Penthouse Forum. (For those of you who don’t know the Forum, I’ll spare you the embarrassment.)


Bill Burke worked for the Memphis press and was one of the first to cover Elvis.

I have Soldier Boy Elvis – I recommend if you ever see them – snap them up

•Elvis: A 30-Year Chronicle (1985)
•DOT…DOT…DOT: The Best of Bill E. Burk (1987)
•Elvis: Through My Eyes (1987)
•Elvis: Tidernas Story (Swedish translation of preceding listing)
•Early Elvis The Humes Years ( 1990)
•Elvis (Rare) Images Of A Legend (1990)
•Elvis Memories: Press Between The Pages (1992)
•Soldier Boy Elvis (written with Sgt. Ira Jones) (1992)
• Early Elvis The Tupelo Years (1994)
• Elvis In Canada (1996)
•Early Elvis The Sun Years (1997)
•Elvis Aaron Presley: A Candle In The Wind (2005)

see also:

Elvis was metrosexual; but was he Bisexual?

Review: Baby, Let’s Play House


oh. the Elvis army underwear photos: a selection for you to decide


Elvis underwear 1 Elvis underwear 2 Elvis underwear 3 Elvis underwear 4

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ElvisWorld: Elvis’ 1956 Iconic Shutterbug Clicks Out

Alfred Wertheimer

RCA hired Alfred Wertheimer to follow their new singer, Elvis Presley.

They considered Elvis to be such a flash  in the pan, that they instructed this young photographer to only shoot black and white film. Colour was too expensive for the young man who was responsible for 50% of RCA’s 1956 revenue.


Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys - Bill Black is the forgotten part of the early act.

Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys – Scotty Moore guitar licking and stand up and cut up bassist, Bill Black, is the forgotten part of the early act.

The Iconic shot - The Kiss

The Iconic shot – The Kiss


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Natural to Selected to Directed: GMOs

I used to be a GMO supporter. I understand the science and I bought into the premise of increased crop yields and added nutritional value.

But what I have seen the GMO companies do is create terminator seeds and harass smaller farm producers.

I do not understand claiming the product is safe but not willing to label it.

You cannot flood a market and then deny liability.

Food is not tobacco. It is not optional.

it is not okay to kill consumers, even when it is more cost effective like car companies have found with their recall spin cycle.

In Canada, the Maple Leaf company detected listeria in their machinery and issued a recalled and notice and set up a compensation fund.

On a scale of 1 to 7, I was a category 3 and it took 5 years for a payout to occur when the company admitted liability at the start.

so… GMOs…….
Our first facebook commentor is a galpal of mine in the FSM office:
Helen: GMOs are fine when it means hybridization for better strains overall. But when it means dependence upon a herbicide or even contains the herbicide, it’s murder on the ecosystem. And the trouble with hybrids overall is monopolies on varietals. In New Zealand, lobbying has now made it illegal to save heirloom seed. Monopolies are just greed strategies by huge corporations, but when they actively harm plant diversity and kill with broad-spectrum poisons all competing life forms, NO.

Nina: crop diversity is certainly a risk of loss. one new disease and we have food insecurity owing to lack of varieties — which also prevents and interferes with natural and selected evolution.

companies look out for stock holders,; not consumersso we need to be wary of directed evolution
Our second commentor is a guy pal, Jerry – who 20 years ago worked for a short time for Montasano and is a Professional Expert: a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Biochemistry; working on the team at Monsanto that developed the glyphosate tolerant crops in the early 90s. And no – roundup tolerant crops do not require any herbicide. They simply survive its application better than conventional crops


Jerry: A) “crop diversity is certainly a risk of loss.” – no – it is not. GMOs INCREASE biodiversity. That is what we are doing – making novel crops. ipso defacto.

B) false equivalencies – risks of bacterial outbreaks are not equal to those of GMOs (which never = hybridization). Nor are the risks of chemical contaminations.

C) naturalistic fallacies – “natural” selection / crops / organisms are not inherently better than artificial ones. Surgery isn’t natural – but it could save your life.

D) “increased crop yields and added nutritional value” are NOT premises – they are demonstrable facts of some GMO varieties

E) “terminator seeds” are not being sold by anyone. Except in the form of anti GMO rhetoric – some of the major proponents of which have made ridiculous claims such as the good old “they will spread throughout the environment until entire forests are sterile” BS spewed by Dr David Suzuki and Dr Vandana Shiva (a physicist – not a biologist). FYI – stelie organisms have exactly ZERO risk of spreading their sterility LMFAO. F)

The science is as clear as can be on the issue of GMOs – as they are on climate change and vaccines. There is a consensus of experts – GMOs are safe.

Nina: I think you are understanding the terms more technically and accurately than I am applying them.

As for monocrops. there would eventually be no other types or varieties grown and this is the core of the issue


Jerry: we have seeds from thousands of years ago. There will always be other choices


Nina: you also are thinking of the Norway seed vault. shouldn’t we have more vaults around the world? in the event of a mass solar flare and global power loss – distruption could mean a need for more back up piles, doncha think?


Jerry: And personally – I think there should be some labeling – if for no other reason – just so we can gather more proof of GMO safety. The real question should be what type of labelling? A discrete numeric system shouldn’t be objectionable to anyone. But the skulls and cross bones that anti GMO activists want – hell no

but we can never be too prepared – so sure – more seed vaults!!

GMOs are only increasing our choices – and there are tons of seed vaultsevery farmer has some seed stored somewhere


Nina:  I do not see GMO increasing the diversity, I see corporate farming reducing the diversity of crops

no one to be taken seriously is asking for drama queen graphics.  proper food labeling with meaningful and understandable health information

not market speak or sciency gobblygook. I spend most of my time in grocery stores explaining to people how to read the labels as they are

then educate the public if it is so safe. funny how people are expected to react to food labels when they ignore cigarette warnings…. and those are poison.

is GMO labeling being done by the lobby who invented Tobacco denialism for Tobacco and Climate denialism for Big Oil/Coal Dinosaur Fuels?

see also:

my concern about GMOs is not the science, it is the corporate culture of that the same industry that sold us Thalidomide and other detrimental pregnancy preparations.

Jerry: As they are developing novel crops. Let me give you just one example of a GMO:

  • the papaya would likely have gone extinct if we hadn’t inserted a viral resistance gene into its genome. Today – 90% of papaya are GMOs
  • Golden rice is another great example. Just one more choice for farmers to grow. But this one is much more nutritious. Developed in a non-profit model so as to be aailable for third world farmers
  • Then there is this little bacteria they inserted human insulin into. Thanks to that one GMO alone – millions of lives have been saved



Remember Acid Rain? It was a big concern once, but industry was regulated and the pollution controlled.


See also: an oldie but a goodie:

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FSM: Vancouver Pride Uncover Christian

The Vancouver Pride Parade had an uncover Christian posing as a Pastafarian to hand out anti-gay literature.

The official FSM position is inclusion and the denunciation of this fraud is on the official FSM site.


Canada’s Xtra paper quotes the interloper:


“I want homosexuals to turn to Jesus and I believe that people can leave that lifestyle behind,” Whatcott says. “I made this Pride parade way more diverse. It’s not all leather men and naked dudes. Now it includes Christian people with diverse messages on homosexuality. True diversity.”


Message to Christians – we got your message already. thanks for the hate. leave us to live our lives and focus on your own families.

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VolunteerWorld: Vancouver Women’s Health Collective

The Vancouver Women’s Health Collective was the second to last group that I volunteered for in the mid 1990’s.


It was the first mainstream group I had been in since my high school days of being in the SKY Club aka Special Kwnanis Youth which was a group that focused on mental disabilities and paralyzed kids all in wheelchairs.


I started at the Health Collective as an employee as part of a government employment plan through the department currently called Service Canada. [Unemployment Insurance/Benefits, used to issue SIN (social insurance numbers) which has recently be delegated to the Provinces. ]


I had been effectively fired from a private sector printing and copy shop when the owner learned that I was a lesbian. It was legal in the early 1990s in Canada.

at that time, I was also forced out of my rental house by the landlords proxy for the same reason. Also legal in Canada in the early 1990s.

If only the provinces had had threated to use the “notwithstanding clause” right away on the charter when PM Pierre Trudeau had wanted to make Canada a beacon of equality and rights with the 1985 Canada Charter update by including same gender equality – marriage – to all.

Instead, it was left to the Charter Challenge Program and the critical grammar of the sections of the charter language to bring about the true vision of what Canada could be to the world.


At the Health Collective, I worked administratively as the Database Co-Ordinator. I created a database of the Collective’s library/literature, referral contact database and their unparalleled collection of doctor reviews by fellow women patients for their unique Doctor referral service.

I worked there as a paid employee for 6 months in the program and continued to volunteer for a year afterwards. I created the pagemaker template for the printed newsletter, contributed articles, helped with marketing, and did a looooot of workshops.

I ended up on the board of directors and probably the best thing I did for the collective was to get one of the glory seeking power pigs away from the collective and sadly into the last queer community group I volunteered for – The December Nine Coalition.

To show that volunteering does teach valuable transferrable skills and helps one develop a network of contacts:

I ended up securing a position as a legal secretary/office manager for a sole practitioner lawyer, John Horner. (son of a former Canada MP) and eventually for a 4 lawyer combination office.


One of the training wokshops that I did there was handling crisis calls, because the collective ran a crisis line, which was where most people volunteered – doing shifts of showing the information resources, doing referrals and handling information requests and crisis calls.


Sometimes, when the crisis line didn’t get answered, the person would try the admin line.


I handled everything from first time sex experiences to my girlfriend just died to how can I get a doctor for my baby’s death.


The most interest calls I took was from a schizophrenic woman, who I only talked to twice. The first time she found me amusing and spoke to me longer than anyone else who had taken her call.


The second time she called, I was able to keep up better with her, but when I admitted that I didn’t understand colours in the context of the way she was using them.


She said, “Too bad, I thought I had finally found someone smart enough to talk to.”


She hung up and never called back again.







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Social Contagions: Shooters vs Suicides

‘Not every person who feels lost or has a messed up life is mentally ill’

‘It’s hard to solve the alienation of youth, particularly youth of first- or second-generation immigrants,’ he said. ‘It’s easy to say, “oh, he’s just crazy” ‘
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Calmmongering: Where do the majority of Pyschopaths Dwell?

these are the clinical diagnosable pyschos we need to be worried about

Anthony Gucciardi – Natural Society | Is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and be treated as…

Why Are There More Psychopaths in the Boardroom?

Does corporate culture attract psychopathic leaders?

When we think about psychopaths, most of us might imagine a Hannibal Lecter or Jeffrey Dahmer.  Would we consider that psychopaths might be lurking around boardrooms and CEO corner offices? The reality is quite different. Increasing numbers of corporate psychopaths have brought havoc to the lives of millions of people, economies and entire countries.

Kevin Dutton, author of The Wisdom of Psychopaths, argues “Traits that are common among psychopathic serial killers—a grandiose sense of self-worth, persuasiveness, superficial charm, ruthlessness, lack of remorse and the manipulation of others—are also shared by politicians and world leaders. Individuals, in other words, running not from the police. But for office. Such a profile allows those who present with these traits to do what they like when they like, completely unfazed by the social, moral or legal consequences of their actions.”

In their book, Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work, Paul Babiak and Robert Hare, argue while psychopaths may not be ideally suited for traditional work environments by virtue of a lack of desire to develop good interpersonal relationships, they have other abilities such as reading people and masterful influence and persuasion skills  that can make them difficult to be seen as the psychopaths they are. According to their and others’ studies somewhere between 3-25% of executives could be assessed as psychopaths, a much higher figure than the general population figure of 1%.


see full article on Psychology Today


and on Forbes:

The Disturbing Link Between Psychopathy And Leadership

It is not the image we like to have when we think of business leaders. But troubling research indicates that in the ranks of senior management, psychopathic behavior may be more common than we think – more prevalent in fact than the amount such seriously aberrant behavior occurs in the general population.


People before Profits

and especially


People before Prophets


that should be what P3 means


People > Profits/Prophet



not private profits while public pays





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